Louis Alphonse De Bourbon

LOUIS Alphonse außerdem Bourbon, a descendant of könig Louis XIV and nicknamed “Prince Charming”, believes he should be könig of France.

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LOUIS Alphonse außerdem Bourbon, a descendant of könig Louis XIV und nicknamed “Prince Charming”, believes he should be könig of France.

The täglich Mail reports that ns 41-year-old zu sein the rightful succession to die since-collapsed French monarchy.

Legitimists, a pro-royal faction in France, want zu restore die Bourbon line to the throne, which was defeated über Napoleon bei 1792. King Louis XIV and his wife captured an a palace coup und beheaded a year later.


Married ... Louis Alphonse de Bourbon and his wife, Venezuelan maría Margarita Vargas Santaella. Picture: Supplied

Born an Madrid, außerdem Bourbon is deshalb a great-grandson des Spanish dictator francisco Franco via his mother, maria del carmen Martínez-Bordiú y Franco.

That entitles ihm to honorary Dukedom in his bear country. However he is also entitled to ns French title Prince of the Blood after that decided kommen sie take French citizenship. As ns oldest life heir that claims ns title des head of the House of Bourbon.

The banker ist one von four people kommen sie lay claims to die non-existent French throne.

De Bourbon married Venezuelan maría Margarita Vargas Santaella bei November 2004.

Juan Carlos I, außerdem Bourbon’s cousin and the former könig of Spain, did notfall attend ns wedding, reportedly upset that dach Bourbon used his French location on the invitations.

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Family ... Louis Alphonse, his wife Maria, your daughter Eugenie and twin sons Louis und Alphonse. Picture: Supplied

De Bourbon und his wife had a daughter named Eugenie on in march 5, 2007 and twin sons, Louis and Alphonse on may 28, 2010.

He has actually garnered the nickname “Prince Charming” bei the French media weil das his dashing great looks.

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