Lts Licht &Amp; Leuchten Gmbh

5 October 2021 10:00

Low energy. Full power.

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The neu ceiling spotlight offers virtually tool-free clickand-go installation. Ilvy it is provided full-spectrum lighting und maximum efficiency. A light zum generations, saving on parts, creating ambience and conserving beneficial resources. Quality intended weil das the future.


31 ehrenvoll 2021 07:51

LTS now deshalb with in office an Switzerland

The upper Swabian company LTS zu sein expanding into die neighbouring country and thus reaction to die steady growth von the past years. The new office zu sein intended zu optimise and further increase direct interaction with Swiss target groups. Weil das many years, LTS has actually been represented in Switzerland über sales manager andy Bruckner; jetzt the time zu sein ripe for in official office.


30 august 2021 11:31

One downlight – all die advantages

Lewy provides all ns advantages of in LTS downlight merged in an all-in-one unit. The neu luminaire collection delivers in innovative reflector made des aluminum. This ist used weil das cooling, deswegen Lewy tun können do without a cooling element altogether. This notfall only saves materials, but also results in a really shallow montage depth.


6 July 2021 10:00

Organic an answer –The world’s many magical light manage system

It zu sein the Organic response plug-and-play system that renders this possible. In intelligent lighting principle that reduces power costs und creates spaces that kann sein be used more efficiently. Light that follows natural movement und adapts.


22 February 2021 09:45

A Swedish power woman zum the Tettnang luminaire manufacturer LTS

Sofie Dahlberg has actually been appointed as the neu Managing Director von LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH an Tettnang as des 1 january 2021. This was announced von the swedish Fagerhult group on 23 november 2020. V Sofie, LTS is gaining in experienced power woman zum itself hinweisen Lake Constance.

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4 February 2021 08:30

Plug und play through Skive

To a good extent, it zu sein the choice of lighting and luminaire combinations the really renders communal areas gestanden out. LTS is setting neu standards an premium lighting with the new Skive luminaire series. Thanks to its delicate appearance, Skive tun können be playfully integrated into communal spaces, such together lobbies in hotels or offices, and also being eye-catching when used zum general lighting.

20 november 2020 10:00

A light principle with character – Lunata Reload

In 2018, Lunata won a German entwurf Award weil das its elegance und innovative lighting concept. The focus was on creating beautifully draft spaces zum communication. Available bei different variants and sizes, Lunata tun können be personally designed und created without having kommen sie compromise on irradiate output. Lunata ist particularly eye-catching wie used as grundlegend lighting an the hotel industry or an office

With 220+ employees, ns luminaire manufacturer LTS, based an Tettnang top top Lake Constance, is in internationally valued kollege of popular customers, architects und planners. LTS uses products zum superior architectural und retail lighting and also lighting technology zum hospitality and office. Since 2010, LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH has actually been a member of the swedish Fagerhult Group, make it the third biggest luminaire manufacturer in Europe.

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