Mario götze em 2016

The spotlight in Germany’s euro 2016 victory over Poland was on 2 attackers who both play for bayerisch Munich."s Jefferson chase recounts how mario Götze gott the better of Robert Lewandowski zum a change.

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Given ns buzz ahead des Germany’s euro 2016 qualifier versus Poland, numerous spectators bei Frankfurt carefully followed bayerisch teammates mario Götze und Robert Lewandowski. Götze, the World Cup hero von 2014, under pressure to show bayerisch coach prototyp Guardiola the he deserves zu be much more than a reserve and to placed Germany zurück on kurse to victory qualifying gruppe D. Lewandowski - Bayern"s clean favorite nach oben front and the leader of in overachieving Polish national team that topped kopieren, gruppe D going into the match.

Both forwards are fan favorites. Götze may schutz lost a little of his luster due to the fact that scoring die goal the won Germany die World Cup, but there was no shortage of Germany fan wearing number 19 jerseys punkt Friday"s match.

"I"m really glad that he’s starting," stated one of those fans, Sabine indigenous Baden-Württemberg. "He"s one of Germany"s best players und I"m sure he"s walking to zeigen that on ns pitch tonight."

wie man asked weil das her prediction for the match, Sabine estimate a 4-0 win zum Germany, through Götze scoring a brace. Herstellung husband disagreed.

"3-1 zum Germany, and Götze möchte score all the goals," he said with a somewhat beery twinkle bei his eye.

A polishing jewel

polish fans, too, were fairly positive around Götze, in spite of his problems getting into Bayern"s regular starting eleven. However they clearly appreciate what a jewel ns Polish national team has in Lewandowski.

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"Götze and Lewandowski are an excellent friends from your time together bei Dortmund under jürgen Klopp," stated Polish support Pawel. "They both emerged into one von the best players bei the world at their particular positions, although Götze has been hurt a lot und I"d rate Lewandowski probably a bit higher. Even if he"s not the ideal technician player, he"s simply deshalb strong physically."

Lewandowski ist a classic center forward vice versa, Götze is a hanging forward who creates push with his dribbling skills. Nonetheless, they were both focal distance points des their respective teams" strategies. Götze"s job was to break down die Polish defensive bulwark, while Lewandowski was die target zum what Poland hoped would be lightning counterattacks. So it was natural the many fan were asking themselves before the match: i beg your pardon one von the bayerisch teammates would prevail?


Götze fan were much in evidence

A renewed love affair

Götze did undoubtedly play as the lone front upfront - acting together a spiegel image, albeit a viel smaller one, of Lewandowski. The erste 19 minute the video game seemed kommen sie pass ihm by, a not unfamiliar phenomenon for Germany"s number 19, that stood by und watched as Thomas muller put das Mannschaft bei front. Yet then his augenblicke arrived. His reduced inside and rifled shot kommen sie score Germany"s second goal were reminiscent des 2010, when ns then-19-year-old angeführt Dortmund kommen sie the first of two straight Bundesliga titles. "Mario Götze, mario Götze" blared from ns stadium speakers bei what must have been balsam for the much-criticized former wunderkind"s soul.

Meanwhile, Lewandowski - book-ended von Germany"s twin protective towers, Jerome Boateng und Mats Hummels - was so seeing little of ns ball. In the end it was his quickness and not his dimension that helped him break ns ice. His 38th minute lifeline against die run of play was die product of er having the pace to get zu a cross. Weil das a few minute the significant Polish inhalt among the spectators seized acoustic regulate over ns stadium. And Lewandowski would schutz equalized just before ns break were it not zum a world-class save von Manuel Neuer.

Impressive comeback

Götze was equally close kommen sie his second goal in minute 55, when his perm shot struck die post. Sometimes die difference to becoming a hero is an inch. Götze, an any case, did not look favor a player on a months-long run von poor form. Und although the goal he score to seal the match was a put-back, he was good zum his brace. It was Götze himself who created ns opportunity with another cutting run into the middle. Sabine"s husband wasn’t all that far off v his prediction.

There was nothing more weil das Poland to salvage, and Lewandowski ran out die rest of the match with slumped shoulders. Wie man Götze was substituted out an the waning minutes, the response from ns crowd made that clear that the liebe affair bolzen Germany fans und their prodigal number 19 was most decidedly back on. Lewandowski did not emerge form the match as a loser - he once again showed that he"s one des the finest forwards in the world. However, Götze was a clean winner, having actually demonstrated that he’s capable von serving together a lone forward zum both Germany and, perhaps, Bayern.

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After ns final whistle, Lewandowski dutifully offered a couple of interviews in the mixed zone, if Götze was nowhere. A doping test, was die official explanation. However perhaps he just wanted zu enjoy his superior comeback under pressure an peace.