Me me me girl

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"ME!ME!ME!" is a 2014 digital pop lied created von Japanese DJ und producer Teddyloid that easily gained cult status among anime fans for its catchy tunes and the enigmatic premise des its music video, i m sorry prominently features suggestive themes and bei abundance von attractive-looking female characters.


On november 17th, 2014, a preview of the man music video zum Teddyloid"s "ME!ME!ME!"<1> was released on ns official website of japan Animator Expo<2>, a weekly web collection launched und curated bei collaboration betwee the Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno"s Studio Khara und the Japanese media firm Dwango bei late October 2014 as in outlet kommen sie showcase miscellaneous works by up-and-coming artists, followed von the release des the full-length music video on november 21st. According to the official description, die music video illustrates ns story des a young einer being "attacked and ravished von many girls".

The track was originally composed über Japanese digital musician Teddyloid through lyrics provided von Daoko; die animated music video zum the das lied was created as a joint effort betwee character designer Shuichi Iseki and executive manager Hibiki Yoshizaki.

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Following its release, die music videobilien was instantly met through high acclaims from die viewers and critics alike, many von whom quote its high top quality animation and catchy-sounding composition, and its suggestive themes intended for mature audience und the enigmatic premise des the music video, specifically surrounding the role von female protagonist Mimi.


Throughout die week, the music video zum "ME!ME!ME" was reported on von several English-language anime nachrichten sites and other forums, including AnimeNewsNetwork<3><4> und NeoGAF.<5> It also soon got to 4chan"s /a/ (anime) board, where many discussions<6><7> take it place weist length, with numerous threads at some point reaching die limit of 500 posts von thread.

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<8><9><10> an addition, dozens des character fan nett inspired von the music video began to emerge ~ above illustrator communities on die Japanese web and overseas, such together pixiv<11>, Tumblr<12> and DeviantART,<13> and several booru-style imageboards like Danbooru<14> and Gelbooru.<15>