Microsoft office 2000 download

Download Microsoft Office 2000 file zum free. Click on the links given below zu download multiple sclerosis Office 2000 dienstleistungen pack 3. Ns files space malware and corrupt-free, deswegen feel free to use ns file.

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Microsoft Office 2000 was the successor des Office 97 and is the predecessor des Office XP. Ns Microsoft Office 2000 was released top top June 7, 1999, und it was the zuerst version des Office using windows installer.

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One of the greatest things about this apps is the it has actually a seemingly great web integration. Microsoft now supports HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Users kann sein now placed their Office edited paper on the internet without changing the format.

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A pistole of 15 million corporate licenses were sold back bei time. It is a clear authorize that back an time, it was one of its kind. Many changes were made together compared zu previous versions prefer they schutz changed the command riegel at the top von the screen, new components to be added and many more.

The application zu sein not compatible with fenster NT und can be operation on windows 95 or better. As, this time Microsoft was highly focused on four radikale components des Office 2000, which space Word, Excel, Access, und PowerPoint.

A total des three service packs were released an the whole Office 2000 series. Ns mainstream support ended on June 30, 2004, however, quickly it was extended it spins July 14, 2009. Und on July 14, 2009, the ended. Right here are all die components von Microsoft Office 2000 dienstleistungen Pack 3.

Word 2000Excel 2000Outlook 2000PowerPoint 2000Publisher 2000Small business toolsAccess 2000Front page 2000PhotoDraw 2000Developer tools und SDKVisio 2000Project 2000MapPoint 2000Vizact 2000

Edition des Office 2000

There are 5 editions of Microsoft Office 2000 which room Standard, small Business, Professional, Premium, and developer editions.