Microsoft Surface Pro 31,24 Cm

That come a wenig hastily. But as miscellaneous media reports worldwide, Microsoft appears to have started distributing fenster 11. As it appears, this ist a staged rollout, which method that it might take a moment an this nation until everyone kann sein access it here as well. We have been aware zum a lang time that, contrary kommen sie expectations, the does not ende with windows 10. And deshalb the neu functions des Microsoft’s new operating system fenster 11 space no much longer a secret. Perfect hardware is already bei the beginning blocks v the neu Surface jeden 8, for example. It ist well known that this benefits from developments such as bei increased refresh rate of 120 Hz and now ultimately brings Thunderbolt 4 v it.

There are also new widgets. Und otherwise? ns window management has actually been revised. Microsoft Teams ist now firmly in Windows 11 integrated. Calls kann be started straight from die taskbar. Die gaming performance including die support of the Xbox-App and the Xbox video game Pass should increase properly thanks to ns use des Xbox technologies. Including die system-side anchoring des Auto-HDR or DirectX 11.

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The context food selection has also been cleaned up, i beg your pardon now so has a modification dialog for sharing. An addition, you can expect enhanced operation über touch, pen or voice. For example, on tablets without a keyboard, die taskbar ist now displayed with larger distances between the symbols. So features fenstern 11 über a new gesture control.

Exciting story: fenster 11 möchte allow android apps to run. They can be uncovered directly an the neu Microsoft store or conversely uploaded durch sideload. You arbeiten closely through Amazon. The Android-App integration will kommen sie at a letztere date. For the store, however, there are other innovations. They deshalb want zu include various other third-party stores an the future und allow their very own in-app payment systems. In addition, ns requirements zum apps room being relaxed: progressive Web Apps (PWA) or desktop apps space now deshalb being added to die Microsoft Store. Here, too, you schutz to be a wenig more patient for most des the innovations. In the coming months, the neu store will deshalb be introduced for fenster 10 individuals anyway.

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Is my pc or laptop through me windows 11 compatible?

A concern that currently caused part confusion an the preview phase. Microsoft zu sein screwing it up fenster 11 properly weist the system requirements. The TPM (Trusted platform Module) zu sein now mandatory, punkt least if you want a guarantee zum further updates. If the doesn’t fear you, climate there room ways und means. Over there are jetzt numerous tools approximately that prüfung these neu requirements zum you. The windows 11 Requirements check Tool is not only offen source and an German, it also shows even if it is your computer system supports DirectStorage and AutoHDR. WhyNotWin11 is deshalb available. Und then over there is so the official Microsoft tool. Und the windows Update will deshalb inform sie about fulfilled und unfulfilled requirements.

What does ns fun cost and how do ich get the fenstern 11 update?

The update ist available as a complimentary upgrade for compatible windows 10 PCs. Zuerst hardware with fenstern 11 Microsoft will provide the neu Surface generation on board from the end of ns month. The rollout itself need to take number of months und last till mid-2022. According zu our survey bei September, die majority of our users room planning to switch immediately fenstern 11 or is already using ns preview. This zu sein of course so possible, due to the fact that with the official distribution freundin can also initiate the upgrade process manually via ns settings under fenstern 10. But you don’t need to do this an a hurry and with stomach ache. You kann sein confidently wait, because windows 10 zu sein known kommen sie be officially supported until 2025.

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If freundin don’t want kommen sie wait, you will find ISO und the fasst wizard zum manually triggering the update of windows 11 hinweisen this point.


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