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Wissen2go – Teacher-Centered accuse on YouTube

Wissen2go – Frontalunterricht in YouTube

by John, Anke top top June 29, 2017


Abstract: top top YouTube’s Wissen2go (“knowledge2go”) channel, a journalist explains history und politics to half a million followers. The von far many viewed videobilien deals with die history von the Weimar Republic, the zuerst German houses of parliament democracy. This contribution has been viewed more than 930,000 times, und other topics des contemporary history, such as the Russian Revolution, are also in die six-figure range des popularity. Why are there so many viewers und what walk this say around teaching history? DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1515/phw-2017-9584. Languages: English, Deutsch

On YouTube’s Wissen2go (“knowledge2go”) channel, a journalisten explains history and politics to half a million followers. The über far many viewed videos deals with ns history von the Weimar Republic, the erste German parliament democracy. This contribution has actually been viewed an ext than 930,000 times, and other topics des contemporary history, together as the Russian Revolution, are also in die six-figure range of popularity. Why space there so many viewers und what does this say around teaching history?

Instructional videos as test Preparation

The mean Wissen2go viewer zu sein 17 years old.

Du schaust: Mister wissen to go

<1> Many adolescents are grateful zum the free und unrestricted access zu “tutoring” on ns net. Lock consider the instructional videos<2> zu be an excellent history teaching and use them to prepare weil das final exams, tests, and presentations. “Thank you, you schutz just salvaged my history prüfen tomorrow!” to write “Laura Katinator”, weil das instance.<3> die fact that epochs and events room condensed into 10-15 minute presentations the are, nevertheless, understandable zu sein much appreciated. His captive audience sees MrWissen2go as a helper und better teacher and he also presents himself as such. He promises, top top the information channel, “… fascinating general knowledge around current and historical topics. Periodically with opinions.”<4>

Staying with It

Particular emphasis ist given kommen sie instructors’ lectures that lack design or are structured according to alt methods, as they are, indeed, known from education research. Since this research study demonstrated that objective precision und media presentation are regularly replaced über verbosity und redundancy, it appears that ns culture of lecturing bei history teaching these days zu sein possibly not very well developed.<5>

Instructors kann learn a lot, but not everything, über watching Wissen2go. The success von this und similar platforms cannot be defined only von integration into other portals; instead, it zu sein connected to the didactical principles und rhetorical stylistic aspects that receive attention there: “Where fist goes, energy flows” is, zum instance, the motto of ns HipHughes History videobilien channel, with its 300 “instructional videos”.<6>

In order kommen sie “hook” viewers in ~ the first few seconds, Wissen2go at first asks historical questions und frequently creates connections to today’s world, zu maintain attention. This zu sein followed by in outline the contributes to the clarity and comprehensible structure of the presentation. Subheadings und technical terms are displayed, dafür that many students feel much less overwhelmed an their understanding von historical relationships. Ns target von informing zu sein not restricted to die lecture, since references to additional linke seite are offered and spaces zum commentaries invite viewers to exchange thoughts about the contents.

One Example: the Russian Revolution

However, what stays undisclosed zu sein that history tun können be intellectually demanding because, weil das example, it requires perspective and its kurse is repeatedly open and not pre-determined. Die videos schutz a strictly chronological construction. They use strong simplifications und the principles von “that-is-how-it-was” or “it-was-like-this”. Die origin des historical sources zu sein not noted and historical judgments space called private opinions. Those judgments frequently appear kommen sie be factual, simplifying, and sometimes even awkward.<7>

Mr. Wissen2go obviously can not imagine that, following ns overthrow des the Czars, a echt parliamentary-democratic alternate to die Bolsheviks’ zustand existed. He ignores die fact that the zuerst provisional federal government consisted of leading Duma delegates des the free Party. In addition, in February 1917, this government declared publicly the it intended kommen sie organize elections for a constitutional Assembly.

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Cautiously, however nevertheless incorrectly, ns Wissen2go videos speaks von a “government the had bei almost democratic tinge”.<9> the interpretation, at the expense des democratic traditions in Russian history,<10> is framed von interjected comments about die shooting ar at the Red Square bei Moscow (“I haven’t to be arrested yet”) und about a police officer who actually observes the scenes of the film but does not interfere.<11>

A video Lecture ist not ns Same as in Instructor’s Lecture

The effects von Wissen2go on to teach history kann be discussed hinweisen two levels. On die one hand, die so-called instructional video are pertained to with ns interest of history didactics an the formative power von digital media zum concepts. On the other hand, lock touch on die question des how forms von teaching und learning could be combined into die didactic concept of a participatory college student handling von history.<12>

In particular, instructors’ lectures – die archetype von teacher-centered accuse – room measured versus platforms choose Wissen2go. Whereas Johann Amos Comenius (1592-1670), in his Didactica Magna, taken into consideration teaching roughly 100 college student simultaneously,<13> a videobilien lecture today kann sein reach anybody und everybody. Die task of history instructors lies bolzen these two extremes: zu deliver a modern und professional class to an average von 25 students. They have to think about when to introduce phases with presentations und phases with basic knowledge transfer and about which attributes these have in terms of historical learning.

In addition, lock are challenged with students’ direct questions or disturbances whilst, at die same time, avoiding a communication mixture that always occurs when the lecture transforms into a guided class discussion. It would thus be interesting kommen sie examine ns circumstances under i beg your pardon a briefe history lecture ist a specially reliable teaching tool.


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