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If a small tray pops out, place your microSD card inkhổng lồ it and reinsert the tray inlớn your Android device. If your device only has a small slot, insert the disk directly inlớn it.


With the screen facing you, make sure the side of the microSD thẻ with the label or sticker on it faces upwards when you insert it.

Before you begin, make sure the microSD card has been properly formatted. If your Android device gives you a notification after inserting the SD card, tap Set up and choose Use as internal storage as the format style.


Tap your SD thẻ from the danh sách of storage locations. Your selected ứng dụng will be moved to lớn the SD card.


What Is an SD Card?

SD cards are small plastic cards for storing data. There are three sizes of SD cards.

SD card: The original SD thẻ format, which measures 24x32 milimet in size. This is commonly used in desktop computers and laptops.MiniSD card: The miniSD card is smaller than the regular SD card, measuring 21x30 milimet. This format is common in older smartphone & tablet models, but it was eventually replaced by the smaller microSD thẻ.

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All SD cards are available in a variety of storage sizes, & their prices vary depending on the size, the brvà, and the store selling them.

Most miniSD & microSD cards are sold with an adapter that allows them to lớn be used on devices that require standard SD card sizes.

Why Move sầu Android Apps khổng lồ an SD Card?

Moving Android apps can không lấy phí up space on your device for other apps, files, and photos. However, since most app data is saved lớn the cloud, an easier way khổng lồ do this is to delete the phầm mềm và re-tải về it later if you need it.

If you have sầu enough space on your Android tablet or điện thoại thông minh và aren"t encountering any memory problems, there really is no reason to use an SD thẻ.

Can I Move All Android Apps to lớn an SD Card?

While most Android apps can be transferred to lớn an SD card, some cannot. This restriction is usually placed on the apps by their developers due to them needing lớn access your Android device"s hardware directly.

Such apps could also be necessary for your điện thoại thông minh or tablet to lớn function properly, & putting them on an SD card would break your device when the card was removed. If an Android tiện ích is unable to be transferred lớn an SD card, the option khổng lồ move sầu it won"t show up, so you don"t have sầu to worry about transferring the wrong apps.

What Else Are SD Cards Used For?

In addition to lớn being used khổng lồ store Android tiện ích installations, you can also move photos, videos, và other files to lớn an SD thẻ. Placing files on an SD card frees up space và allows you khổng lồ transfer files khổng lồ another device.