Musik player für kleinkinder

Discover our neu hörbert through his neu “all-round happy functions”.

Du schaust: Musik player für kleinkinder

hörbert has actually everything you need zum unlimited hearne fun.


Record all you want: Bluetooth-Streaming, internet radio or – v accessories – you yourself via microphone.

All sources that hörbert to know can also be recorded on die memory card: Microphone, Bluetooth streaming and Internet radio

Record speech und music in CD top quality with ns microphone and play it zurück directly from the memory card. The microphone is available as in accessory and is installed von us straight at the time des purchase.

Connect hörbert zu your 2,4 GHz WiFi network to play internet radio stations v hörbert’s buttons. With ns recording function, you kann sein record music and podcasts and play them back later from ns memory card.

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hörbert continues playing exactly where you switched that off. There zu sein no need to fast-forward to the right place.

The colourful keys have now oered.orgd up being turn parts. Hörbert thus includes less 보다 5% plastics: Only ns circuit board and the materials on it. Sie simply can’t do better.

Your storage space be larger due to the fact that hörbert tun kö now play aboriginal mp3 and m4a files. That’s why an ext hours fit on the same map – each des your storage cards kann sein hold up sie 5 times die amount of contoered.orgt compared to the previous format.

In ns future, we kann easily provide freundin with neu functions and bug fixes so that you kann sein always be up-to-date with your hörbert und its ploered.orgty of possibilities.

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We space introducing die Playlist Language, with which you kann sein control hörbert down to die smallest detail. This feature will be expanded in the future. It’s already a treat weil das Tinkerers.