How To Recover My Yahoo Account Without Password

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Mail Settings


Refer khổng lồ Yahoo!"s help page for POP access settings & instructions for Yahoo Mail.

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Refer to lớn Yahoo!"s help page for IMAP server settings for Yahoo Mail.

My sign-in attempt was prevented

If you get the Username or password invalid warning và the Sign-in attempt prevented email when you try to lớn connect your Yahoo Mail with Thunderbird, Yahoo has blocked Thunderbird from connecting because it"s a "less secure" non-Yahoo app. In Thunderbird below 68.5 you could enable an option to lớn allow apps that use less secure sign-in in your Yahoo Account. See this Yahoo page for instructions.Update: please read section "Important Changes lớn Authentication Method Notice" below.

In Thunderbird version 68.5 & up you can change the POP server to (port 995).

Important Changes lớn Authentication Method Notice

If you currently have a POP or IMAP mail trương mục in Thunderbird and receive an e-mail from Yahoo that says: "We’ve noticed that you’re using non-Yahoo applications (such as third-party email,calendar, or liên hệ applications) that may use a less secure sign-in method. To protect you & your data, Yahoo will no longer the current sign-in functionality in your application starting on đôi mươi October 2020. "

Check Thunderbird has cookies enabled.

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In versions prior khổng lồ 78*:

Select "Menu phầm mềm icon" > "Options/Preferences" > "Options/Preferences"In "Options/Preferences" left Pane select PrivacySelect checkbox "Accept cookies from sites"

In versions 78* or later:

Select "Menu phầm mềm icon" > "Options/Preferences"In "Options/Preferences" left Pane select Privacy và SecuritySelect checkbox "Accept cookies from sites"

Update the "Authentication Method" for the Pop or Imap mail account.

Select "Menu phầm mềm icon" > "Account Settings"Select mail account name in left PaneBottom right: click on "Edit SMTP server"Set outgoing hệ thống (SMTP) "Authentication Method" to "Oauth2"Click on "OK"Select "Server Settings" for mail accountSet incoming vps "Authentication Method" to "Oauth2"Click on "OK"

Exit Thunderbird Wait a few moments for background process to complete Start Thunderbird

Then there will be a prompt from your Yahoo ISP partner khổng lồ login. This is done with a OAuth 2.0 key exchange in Thunderbird which will authenticate the Thunderbird client in future logins.

Import Yahoo!"s tương tác List khổng lồ Thunderbird open your Yahoo! Mail account. On the right side of the screen (left if you are using the "classic mail"), select the Contacts icon. Your tương tác list will open. At the đứng top of the list, click the Actions menu. In the menu, select Export.... Select Netscape/Thunderbird and click Export Now. Save the yahoo_contacts.ldif file to your desktop or some other place where you can find it later. Open Thunderbird. Under Tools, select Import & then Address Books. Select Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt), then click Next. Select the yahoo_contacts.ldif file that you previously saved. Your Yahoo! contacts will be imported as a separate yahoo_contacts address book.Calendar

To configure the Thunderbird calendar (Lightning) with your Yahoo! Calendar, follow the instructions at the page Sync Yahoo Calendar with Lightning on the Yahoo! tư vấn site.

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