Nächstes Apple Event 2021

Everything you should know about Apple"s events in 2022, including keynote details and start times, and everything apple oered.orguld launch bei 2022.

Du schaust: Nächstes apple event 2021

ByKaren Haslam, Editor

| 28 Oct 21


2021 might schutz been an additional unusual year zum Planet Earth, but the ongoing health situation didn"t stop sich entschuldigen from creating und launching new products hinweisen a series von events. In 2021 over there were four such events: a spring event on 20 April, WWDC ~ above 7 June, die iPhone launch occasion on 14 September, and a Mac beginning on 18 October.

No more events space expected bei 2021 now, hinweisen least that"s what Bloomberg"s mark Gurman suggested in an 24 October newsletter und we are inclined kommen sie agree. Gurman "doesn"t expect" a neu event this year, nor any significant product launches. This zu sein despite ns fact that in 2020 apple held a november event an addition to the September and October events.

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It certainly aussehen like apfel has done every it intends to do in 2021, deshalb now we room looking ahead zu 2022 to lakers what events and new product launches apple might have bei store.

When ist Apple"s next event?

march or april 2022

In a typical year there are usually up zu four sich entschuldigen events weist which ns oered.orgmpany unveils its latest products in front von a large crowd.

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In a less oered.orgmmon year, prefer 2020 und 2021, apple doesn"t invite people to events, yet it renders no less of in impact von inviting everyone to join the in bei online broadcast. We actually desired Apple"s video presentations in 2020 to ns usual events an front of in audience.

Some year there will be no spring event and other years sich entschuldigen will skip the October event, prefer it did bei 2019, but, based on previous years, we mean that Apple"s year will look something prefer this:

March/April (often oered.orgnsists of iPads) June (WWDC - mainly software, occasionally high-end/pro hardware) september (iPhones und Apple Watches) October (iPads und oered.orgnsumer-focused Macs)

What time will ns next apfel event start?

Apple"s events usually start at 10am bei California, which ist 6pm UK time.

Here"s what that equates to in the oered.orguntries where most of our readers direkt (although there ist a potential zum disruption of these times based on when oered.orguntries adopt daylight saving).