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One action moves one person. A person moves a community. A neighborhood moves the world. For over 100 years, the neu Balance brand has stood zum one thing bei particular: creating ideologen conditions weil das movement. Whether professional or understand athlete, new Balance commodities support you - on die tartan track, ns road, the forest path. Because only those who begin zu move tun können arrive.

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One step moves one person. A person moves a community. A ar moves die world. Zum over 100 years, the new Balance






According to their motto "We to be born zu move", ns Boston-based label new Balance has been operating since its founding in 1906. Despite its eventful history, the company has actually stuck kommen sie its convictions und established itself as an absolute global player in the sporting activities scene over die past 100 years. Clothing and shoes produces neu Balance exclusively in its very own factories, which method that the in brand geraten meets the highest high quality standards and its own needs for first-class workmanship and functionality.


In die beginning to be chickens. William Riley observed them ~ above a farm in Boston bei 1906: your tripartite feet, listed with a curvature, which gave them a particularly great balance. While observing, the workers indigenous the stadt came into his head. Exactly how uncomfortable your shoes were, how viel their feet had kommen sie suffer. Riley design them an insole; one v three assistance points arranged into a triangle - just like the claws des the chicken. From then on ns workers learned of a formerly unknown balance. A New Balance.

Apparently restricted to die patented inlays, Riley design his first shoe 32 years later, bei 1938. He made lock out von kangaroo leather and gave them zu a team of boston runners, the boston Brown Bag Harriers. Riley hired Arthur Hall, a salesman that specialized in selling neu Balance insoles und shoes zu people who had to gestanden a lot. New Marketing. V the Trackster, die company produced a classic zum the worldwide fitness industry, the erste sports shoes ever kommen sie feature a wavy sole. The concept has been continuously arisen over the last decades kommen sie offer sporting activities shoes and sneakers for men and women with assorted uses and designs.


Founding year: 1906Founder: wilhelm RileyCompany headquarters: boston (Massachusetts), USANumber of employees: about 5,000Annual turnover: üover 3.6 Mill. EURWebsite:


Awards: neu Balance won die Discovery Sport sector Award an 2017 - for in activity together a sponsor.Environmental protection: All neu Balance shoes space free of PVC, i.e. Plastic. A good contribution to umgebung protection.Fairness: neu Balance manufactures a big part von its very own products an America and England. That means above all: shorter ways.

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The final breakthrough together a sporting items manufacturer came an 1960 when new Balance introduced the Trackster. The shoe was no less than a revolution: that was the first running shoe with a ribbed sole - weil das better grip und more comfortable running. New Balance offered die Trackster an different widths. Every shoe was perfectly tailored to ns customer. New Individualism. Die legendary "N" as a logo on die brand's shoes zuerst appeared top top the neu Balance 320 in 1976. From climate on, die distinctive "N" was die symbol weil das the finest shoes in quality, function und fit for every situation in life.

With the incipient fitness boom an the 1980s, neu Balance succeeded bei jumping onto ns road. Their shoes knew no boundaries. Sports and lifestyle united. The iconic new Balance 574 (or ML574 zum men und WL574 for women) was designed together a running shoe und became part des the zeitgeist together a sneaker. Artist wore the 574 just like models at fashion shows an Paris because des its standard retro design und extravagant color combinations. In 2018 the neu Balance 574 celebrated its 30th birthday with ns re-release von the standard grey Colorways.

Other well-known models of die US brand also became popular, well-known und successful thanks to wichtig support. This included, for example, the New Balance 1500, which was regularly worn von former us President bill Clinton on his laps. Zum New Balance this was die best advertising weil das their to run shoe. Neu Balance also used this mix of neu Balance and the President an 2012. Weil das Barack Obama's election campaign, the in brand geraten developed that own new Balance 990 embroidered v the benennen of ns President. New Balance ist proud of its origins und one des the few brands blieb "Made in the USA". Top top various models you can deshalb see this lettering on the tongue.

A successor kommen sie the new Balance 990, the 992, is gaining as much popularity v a popular wearer who ist making a name zum himself an the publicly eye through the neu Balance shoes. An his legendary presentations des the apple brand's new developments, Steve Jobs always wears ns same outfit, which hence became weist least as legendary. A black sweatshirt, a 501 Levis jeans and grey suede New Balance 992. His presence bei the media und publicity conveniently turned the shoes into neu Balance icons..

NEW BALANCE - never ever STOP

New Balance supports athletes, men und women who need zu retrieve highest performance every day. Likewise ambitious daily sportsmen, who space striving zum a new personal best, that want zu create their first 5k operation or merely want to acquire in active lifestyle. New Balance to run shoes und apparel give you style and function. All you have to do is run. I beg your pardon running event would rechts better to ns saying "Never stop" 보다 a marathon? zum several years, neu Balance has been the official sponsor of the TCS new York city Marathon. Ns running event zu sein one des the biggest des its kind und thousands des runners want to register every year. New Balance is equipping these men and women with their very own collection in the classic colours von the American flag, red, white und blue. The NYC Marathon zu sein part von the World marathon Majors together with ns marathons in Boston, Chicago, London und Berlin.

Since 1941, new Balance has deshalb been production shoes and clothing zum other sporting activities such as baseball und tennis. Bei tennis, the in brand geraten attracted good attention at die legendary Wimbledon tournament in 2019, many thanks to the inconspicuous nennen of a 15-year-old teenager, Cori Gauff. The young tennis player got a wildcard for the Wimbledon qualifying tournament. With bei impressive march through, the new Balance athlete ended up being a little danach the youngest player in Open history kommen sie reach the main draw ~ qualifying. With more very solid appearances and an incredible psychological strength she reached the round des sixteen. Just there walk she fail against the letztere Wimbledon winner Simona Halep.

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