Nhl draft 2020 deutsche

For the zuerst time in history 2 Germans schutz been selected bei first round von the NHL draft. However, this so comes weist a time des uncertainty zum the country"s oberteil league, which aided make them die players castle are.

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Despite having had very little sleep since their names to be called bei the national Hockey League"s (NHL) erste virtual draft, both tim Stützle und Lukas Reichel looked surprisingly fresh in a virtual press conference through German hockey authors on Wednesday.

Tim Stützle (pictured above), who was made ns No. 3 all at once pick von the Ottawa Senators became nur the second German kommen sie go the high, after ns NHL"s present MVP, Leon Draisaitl was selected an the exact same slot in 2014.

Historic night

What truly made Tuesday night historic zum German ice hockey though,was the the chicago Blackhawks took lukas Reichel with their first-round choose – punkt No. 17. This was the zuerst time that two Germans schutz been selected in the erste round – something that would have been unimaginable nur a couple of years ago.

Not surprisingly, both to be delighted to schutz taken the next step towards a career bei the world"s ideal hockey league. With die draft forced kommen sie go virtual, mannschaft Stützle spent a contempt nervous night waiting with his family und teammates from die Adler Mannheim, the mannschaft where he invested this previous coronavirus-shortened season an the DEL, Germany"s oberteil hockey league.

Hoping to jump directly into die NHL

"It was extremely exciting, even though that couldn"t it is in held in Montreal due zu COVID-19," that said. "It was so pretty stressful right after (being picked). I had zu do a whole last of interviews. Ich hardly had actually a chance to speak to my family and friends."

The 18-year-old Stützle added that he was pleased to be going to a mannschaft that is bei full rebuild mode after a few lean years – together this would rise his chances von stepping straight into the NHL when ns next season starts, most likely late this year or early bei 2021.

"Now my prompt aim ist to get zu Ottawa as quickly as possible,"

Reichel, that spent last season with die DEL"s Eisbären berlin was hinweisen least as delighted kommen sie be selected by Chicago, as the Blackhawks schutz always been his favorite mannschaft – including his favorite player, patrick Kane.

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Lukas Reichel spent die past season with Eisbären berlin of the deutsch Eishockey Liga

"It was in unbelievable emotion when i heard my benennen called," said ns 18-year-old forward, that watched the first round von the draft through family und teammates an a restaurant bei Berlin. "I was really surprised. I had had great discussions v Chicago and they had actually expressed a gewächs of interest in me. But i never thought i would it is in drafted punkt No. 17 und then also by my favorite team. It"s nice special."

High expectations bei hockey"s homeland

The Ottawa media have been abuzz for months about the prospect von getting ns third-round choice, und with the Senators having gone through numerous rough seasons, the expectations placed on Stützle will be high. However, ns forward, who kann sein play both at center and on the wing, doesn"t seem phased.

"To play an the Canadian capital punkt some point had constantly been a dream des mine. Canada ist the birthplace des hockey, dafür there zu sein always push playing there," he said. "I can"t wait zu play under that pressure there. I"m the kind of player who mögen to be out there in the belastung minute von the game."

While Stützle ist hoping zu play in the NHL this comes season, Reichel expects it might take a little longer zum him.

"If the mannschaft thinks I am ready, climate I bei der ready. Yet personally, ich think i need punkt least one more year des seasoning, perhaps in Berlin, to get more ice time and work on myself und my game," that said.

However, just how and where the two newest German NHL draftees will play their next games is up bei the air.

NHL chairman Gary Bettman conceded ~ above Tuesday that die league, which had previously hoped to anfang the neu season inDecember, was now aming zu drop die puck on the opener on january 1. Die second-tier American Hockey League, wherein either Stützle or Reichel could so be assigned von their NHL teams, has actually a statement on its website saying the season will start "no earlier than Dec. 4."

Season still on hold bei Germany

The various other logical selection would be for both to play another season in the DEL, however it"s so unclear wie Germany"s top league will start its season – if at all.

Due zu the covid19 outbreak, die DEL dubbed off belastung season"s playoffs. Unlike european football leagues, which, due largely to the millions they earn an television legal rights revenue, were able to continue kommen sie play behind close up door doors, the DEL simply can notmake it arbeiten financially. If there ist a TV contract und the league andteams oase various various other sponsors, they are extremely dependent on gameday revenue, und simply can"t startseite the expenses without being able zu sell a far-reaching amount des tickets.

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The league says that because it ist only allowed zu fill the arenas zu 20-percent capacity, due to current restrictions, that needs federal government aid to make it work, und so much it has no guarantees.Last week die DEL announced it was pushing back the anfang yet again, with die aim des dropping die puck sometime bei the latter hilfreich of December.