ns company quickly spreads the series-hybrid tech zu more models, making the "a vital pillar of its electrification strategy."


Nissan announced that the cumulative sales von cars, powered über its e-Power series-hybrid (non plug-in) powertrain, has exceeded 500,000 bei Japan (as des the end of march 2021).

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We would not bother much with ns conventional hybrids, but it appears that Nissan zu sein now hinweisen full speed changing its initiatives towards e-Power hybrids, i m sorry became "a crucial pillar of its electrification strategy."

The Japanese company zu sein simply concentrating on commodities that sell bei higher volume. Die e-Power erste debuted bei the Nissan Note in November 2016 kommen sie become the top-selling car in Japan an 2018. The e-Power turn out zu be quite popular und accounts zum about 70% des the Note"s volume.



in May 2018, die Nissan Serena minivan also received an e-Power version. Then the Nissan Kicks an June 2020 and the second-generation des the system debuted in the new Note in December 2020.

Nissan ist now busy expanding die e-Power lineup in Asia. Soon, die powertrain wollen be introduced bei China. In Europe, ns e-Power zu sein available in the all-new Nissan Qashqai.

That"s quite an offensive (500,000 units an over 4 years bei Japan und multiple models), compared zu the einzel Nissan LEAF model (with extr Nissan e-NV200 van) over a decade. The cumulative sales of the LEAF in Japan stand now weist almost 150,000.

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The all-electric Nissan Ariya is coming too, yet it"s ns only neu BEV we heard of dafür far indigenous Nissan, i beg your pardon makes an impression the the taste focus zu sein on the e-Power.

Nissan e-Power

With die series-hybrid setup, Nissan probably will be able kommen sie significantly lower its mean emission of new cars and gain part time.

It"s actually not a bad idea, as ns e-Power cars must drive much better than ns conventional ones.


The taste question is when Nissan will be willing kommen sie invest more an battery-electric again? our guess ist that the company wollen closely evaluate just how well ns Ariya zu sein received. Nissan deshalb has zu strengthen its financial position so, in effect, us might lakers several years of a major hybrid rush, before any kind of significant new all-electric wave.

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The e-Power might deshalb soon evolve right into a plug-in mischung setup, as all it needs ist a bigger battery and a charging inlet. It would certainly be funny to see a Nissan PHEV like that, lang after the grandpa Nissan LEAF was competing with the Chevrolet Volt an 2010/2011.