Example: Some fashion designers heute are designing clothes that room off the wall. I prefer standard designs, und I can not imagine attract some des those bizarre fashions.

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Chicago (Musical) - cell Block Tangogum one much more time..."and the did.So i took the shotgun off ns wall und I fired two warning shots...

Tophamhatkyo - publicly IndieWindy, take it it allYour attention and body und mindFreaky, the off the wallON & ON prefer it"s giftig it’s not latent, ich lip sync

Maluma - ns skinny girlOff die wall, she has actually me here zum a whileAnd if you see her, favor she does notfall break a plateOff ns wall, she has actually me here for a if

Jay Chou - east Wind BreaksWho is using ns lute zu play,the lied "East wind Breaks"?Times und seasons peeled off die wall,see when ich was small.Still remember the year we were still very young.

Eminem - StanYou gott some issues, Stan, ich think freundin need some counselin"To aid your ass native bouncin"Off the walls when you get down someAnd what"s this shit around us meant kommen sie be together?

Chicago (Musical) - cell Block Tangogum one an ext time..."and the did.So i took die shotgun off die wall and I fired two warning shots...

Styles of Beyond - nine ThouPut "em up, what ns fuckYou plucked a bad seedOff ns wall, spittin" ns guerilla tag teamWhat"s hoch now, duck under stuff the can"t breathe

XXXTENTACION - Off ns Wall!Huh, feel favor Nick Cannon (Feel prefer Nick), huh"Cause I"m wildin" out ("Cause I"m, huh), huhI don"t got on Vans, however bitch, I"m off die wallI said favor insect, i be buggin" motherfucker

Juice Leskinen - MarilynAnd when Arttu die writer got you upside downI ripped sie off ns wall, sie were nur a bitch

Midland - Drinkin' ProblemIt"s a damaged hearted thinkin" problemSo pull that party off the wallPeople speak I got a drinkin" problem

EXO-CBX - Off the WallAnywhere, anytime, nur like thisOff the wall (It’s alright)Off the wall (It’s alright)And die brass goes

Macklemore - and We DancedGrab mine hand, pat this songDJ save my life, kommen sie onLeave her fear, zurück off die wallFree des beat und pussy pop

Michael Jackson - Off the wallLife Ain"t So badewanne At all If You live It Off the WallLife Ain"t So bad At all (Live Life Off ns Wall)Live your Life Off ns Wall (Live that Off ns Wall)

Roxy Music - sprung AwayAll together, all aloneAll at once mine whole welt had changedNow I"m in the dark, off the wallLit die strobe irradiate up the wall

Beastie guys - so What'cha WantWell I"m Dr. Spock, I"m here zu rock, y"allI want freundin off ns wall, if you"re playing the wallI claimed what"cha, what"cha, what"cha desire (what"cha want)

Marco Borsato - A welt Without YouAnd when my friend askI"ll say it"s great to be aloneYour pictures already taken off ns wallAs if i could forget

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Genius RapWell, my nennen Dr. Jeckyll and I"m on ns ballAnd time never catches me off the wallI carry out anything three actions ahead


1.It's not all sunshine and roses
2.plot twist
3.(To) handhaben with son (or kit) gloves
5.The sky zu sein falling (down)!

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Your slip is showing
7.Wife material
8.Snitches gain stitches
9.Ixnay on ns upidstay
10.what's poppin
11.Light a fire under (someone)
12.Beat (or ride) favor a rented mule
13.clean up die mess

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A bit on the nose
15.pull that thread