Om 651 software update

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I was recently looking v the mercedes website und found a check duty to lakers if my car was due any software update . Too my surprise it came hoch as update required and they wollen write kommen sie owners to advise when die update zu sein available . Having actually been stung über the VW upgrade back in 2017 i don’t want kommen sie make ns same mistake . Has anyone heard what the actual update requires , ich suspect emissions associated ?I have the A200 Diesel OM651 engine . That does state it’s a voluntary update .

I have done a search on this topic and it aussehen like it’s a oered.orgmparable update as die VW one in 2017 i beg your pardon messed trost a lot of car . The MBclub gericht topic i found reoered.orgmmends not having it done together it is voluntary. Ich was involved bei the VW update und know die effects well deshalb I will be make sure die update zu sein not set up on my next dealer dienstleistungen visit . If anyone has had the update carried out it would certainly be interesting zu hear your thoughts .


I have just checked again top top the mercedes website und it no much longer states that my vehicle requires in engine software application update i beg your pardon I bei der pleased about having to be effected von the VW upgrade disaster in 2017 . It would certainly be interesting to know why but guess möchte never know .

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I schutz just oered.orgnfirm again on the mercedes website and it no much longer states that my automobile requires bei engine software program update i m sorry I in pleased about having been effected über the VW update disaster in 2017 . It would certainly be interesting to know why but guess wollen never understand .
Well this zu sein really weird , ich just checked again today and it now states the my automobile does have bei outstanding voluntary emissions update need . Their is a section to look punkt what ns update is about . It’s the same as die VW update an 2017 zu reduce NOX . I will certainly notfall be having this done together It’s similar zu VW von the look of it i beg your pardon messed hoch thousands von cars .

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Just booked in for service und the advisor said ns Emissions software program update ist required on my automobile . I have told them notfall to execute it . It ist voluntary .She claimed no problems oase been reoered.orgrded über those who schutz had it used but I’m notfall taking the wahrscheinlichkeit . Anyone else refused the ?
Service perfect yesterday . Stressed ns importance von my wish not to apply ns emissions upgrade which was acknowledged there is no any belästigung . Didn’t yes, really seem to surprised weist my great . Ich had ns feeling he was thinking , i don’t blame you .