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Create your own! allows you to create a distinct interactive & gameshow. Every from within her browser. Usage your audiences mobile tools as buzzers und make your presentation interactive.

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develop stunning oered.orgs zum presentations, classrooms, meetings, birthdays und weddings.Instead des boring powerpoint bild slidehows produce your own gameshow through questions, images and actionCreate oered.orgs for parties and presentations

Over 38,000 people are currently using to create their very own oered.orgs.

develop your very own now

See in action

Watch the following video zu get a glimpse von what's feasible with - you'll see examples for all ns different concern types. Just remember that you'll oase a bunch des settings to customize your

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integrate your devices to get a an excellent quiz setup
use your browser on any huge screen or a projector to display your quiz
include beautiful image slideshows
automatically award winners
produce fun concerns that rechts your audience
civilization ❤️

Thousands von people, employees, teachers and entertainers native 117 countries schutz used zu create exceptional gameshows.

This was in AMAZING tool! We used it for our worldwide Sales Meeting and the was a huge hit. You should be declaring the hell out von this platform und every unternehmen should be embracing!
I supplied this zum a team offsite. Was great! i will re-sub next time i need it. Keep up die good work!
Great tool!! us had bei incredible fun event v a huge quiz that was very easy to set up! ich will be rückseitig for my next event!!
We will sign up again, us did a huge tourney weil das my entire company and it resolved great. <...> This tool is great und we very recommend it.

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Over 38,000 civilization are already using kommen sie create their very own oered.orgs.

get started zum free or seen plans und prices

For what can I use

distinct games zum weddings or birthdaysAnniversaries or main PartiesQuizzes in Company PresentationsFor finding out and bei Education in short:

produce unique slideshowsHave your own gameshowNo Software kommen sie installVery easy zu useUse your mobile devices as buzzer
you only require a Browser to create your own Quizzes. You want kommen sie know more? Click here: Browser and mobile compatibility