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The "Orange is the neu Black" cast dives into ns endings und surprises von the final season und series letzte of Jenji Kohan"s Netflix jail dramedy. Spoilers ahead.

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Orange ist the new Black.>

Orange is the neu Blackwent right into its seventh and final season v ambitious ground zu cover.

In ns season sechs finale, Jenji Kohan’s jail dramedy had actually released certification inmate Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), sent out Dominican inmate Blanca Flores (Laura Gómez) into U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody und returned wrongfully judge Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson (Danielle Brooks) to ns maximum security facility at Litchfield Penitentiary. All 3 cliffhangers — as details as they may be — ended trost paving three diverging paths zum OITNB zu follow an order to deliver the final season’s range des (hopeful kommen sie devastating to corrupt) endings for all von the personalities who oase touched die show’s prison industrial complex.

“Empathy is hopefully a legacy,” creator Jenji Kohan speak The hollywood Reporter des the all at once message. “We hope the cultural impact zu sein empathy and recognition des the humanity von the other, von people who aren’t familiar kommen sie you; des broadening opinions and feelings and opening nach oben empathy.”

Keeping that in mind, THR spoke with ns sprawling taste cast von the groundbreaking series in order zu dive into exactly how their respective stories ended.


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Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and Alex Vause (Laura Prepon)


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Cindy “Black Cindy” Hayes (Adrienne C. Moore)


Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson (Danielle Brooks)


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Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett (Taryn Manning)


Elsewhere in Max, that previously mentioned lack des a lifeline or any support is what ends up sending two characters down hopeless paths and one is Pennsatucky. In perhaps the biggest entwickeln of all von OITNB‘s characters, die former villain had turned produziert life around von the last season. Spending many of her time with Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Aduba) an the preferred cell block nicknamed “Florida,” the redeemed Pennsatucky was focusing ~ above earning a GED education with Taystee as produziert tutor and helping those around her, prefer Suzanne. But when Daya runs out ns GED teacher, Pennsatucky, that only freshly realized she has actually suffered native a learning disability produziert whole life, has actually no support during produziert test and is unable zu finish. In a augenblicke of utter frustration, she overdoses top top fentanyl. Taystee, who ist the one to find herstellung lifeless body, later finds the end that Pennsatucky actually passed die exam.

“Sometimes, as viel as we want to grow, it’s an extremely hard kommen sie escape previous trauma und some civilization make it und a lot of world don’t,” states Kohan des Pennsatucky’s fate. Herrmann adds, “And a gewächs of people especially bei prison.”

Manning admits kommen sie THR that ns ending made herstellung “bummed” because of Pennsatucky’s growth, yet ultimately she accepted herstellung fate zum the larger affect it wollen have in illuminating ns opioid crisis.“It was bei accident, weil das sure,” says ns actress of herstellung character’s intentions. “What was on purpose was self-sabotage, together we all do where we nur throw fist to the wind and say, ‘Fuck it.’ She nur was so hurt inside.” ~ she dies, viewers see herstellung spirit return for a final sendoff.

Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Aduba)


Suzanne spent many of tonnage season struggling with die reality of herstellung current situation. She witnessed ns C.E.R.T. Officers killing C.O. Piscatella (Brad william Henke), yet let cindy convince her to keep quiet about it and let Taystee go down weil das the murder together a result. Ns inmate, who has mental wellness issues, finds a friend in “Florida” roommate Pennsatucky, that helps produziert to täuschen Taystee and Cindy right into a reconciliation, Parent Trap-style. When that doesn’t work, Suzanne journals ns truth and sends it to Taystee, offering ns latter a sliver of hope in her situation for an appeal, though it conveniently gets shoot down.

Ultimately, Suzanne ends trost suffering more loss wie Pennsatucky overdoses und by die time cindy is released, she blieb hasn’t succeeded bei reuniting die former friends. But, for the first time, Suzanne ist prepared to accept die circumstances. In the end, she might have failed zu prepare produziert chickens weil das life outside ns coop, but she is back by Taystee’s side und helping her friend teach produziert new class.

“She’s been walking around believing the system works und that everything happens justly. We have watched produziert lose people so many different ways — whether that’s love, maternal figures, friendships — this ist the zuerst season where ich felt favor Suzanne was in full possession von herself. And I was glücklich to see that,” Aduba speak THR of her childlike character cultivation up bei ways. “When she was no longer seeking outside von herself for love or validation, she had actually it zum herself. Und to oase lost yet an additional friend, it’s heartbreaking. However she has actually a rootedness around her. She was somewhat much more well-rooted by the ende of this.”

Dayanara “Daya” Diaz (Dascha Polanco)


Daya is also left through no lifeline to die outside welt after being abandoned von C.O. Bennett (Matt McGorry), providing up her daughter to the household des biological father george “Pornstache” mendez (Pablo Schreiber) und turning herself in for a life sentence weil das shooting (but, unknown to her, not killing) a guard und inciting ns prison-wide riot. Wie man Daya linke seite up with prison supplier dad (Vicci Martinez) — that Daya accidentally kills to anfang off die final season — und develops a drug dependence, even herstellung mother Aleida, who ist helping to sell the drugs, gives hoch on her. When Aleida ist returned to prison after ~ breaking produziert parole, ns tumultuous mother-daughter pair when again uncover themselves punkt odds when Aleida discovers that Daya has actually recruited wenig Eva an the family business. Bei a bid zu save her other youngsters from following their exact same path, Aleida ends their power struggle von strangling herstellung daughter in a cliffhanger attack.

Though Orange does notfall explicitly disclose Daya’s fate, Polanco tells THR that ns writers clued her an on the ultimate outcome. Still, Polanco claims she wished Daya was shown inquiring about herstellung daughter bei the end, when viewers space treated to a glimpse von Pornstache caring weil das her baby. “Her artistry, herstellung curiosity as a mother. The all came to be obsolete. That’s what happens wie you schutz no hope,” she says.

Schreiber, meanwhile, tells THR des his series letzte return:“The Pornstache von season one would notfall be ns one you’d want kommen sie leave your baby with, that’s weil das sure. He was a an especially awful, horrendous guy that we verified a details side of, and then had actually a gelegenheit to flip that on that is head a little bit. Ich thought that the amount we used it was just right.”

Blanca Flores (LauraGómez)


Blanca’s cliffhanger transfer provided OITNB with the opportunity zu expand Litchfield’s world and go inside eis detention centers weil das a an effective final season arc. After erste exploring the injustices von prison privatization wie Litchfield was bought von owners MCC-turned-PolyCon, the final season’s eis facility illuminated the injustices des a for-profit detention zentral as that swallowed numerous old and new characters in its orbit (and also saw ns return of Lori Tan Chinn’s Chang, who was a fugitive after die riot).

The final season meat out the romance betwee Blanca, who ist Dominican, and Diablo (Miguel Izaguirre), who ist Honduran. Both immigrated to the U.S. Und were documented wie Blanca went kommen sie prison, however Blanca’s charge for the riot und Diablo’s pending environment-friendly card renewal resulted in Blanca having to fight zum her permanent resident status und Diablo obtaining deported after ~ a visit zu Blanca hinweisen the eis facility. Ultimately, Blanca zu sein able zu reopen her verbrecher case and gets the riot conviction overturned. She it s okay both herstellung freedom und her eco-friendly card back, und still she decides kommen sie leave America to be with Diablo an Honduras.

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Gómez, who had actually input on Blanca’s final arc, tells THR: “You can’t acquire more echt than wie she sacrifices everything to go with him to this country. He says, ‘What are sie doing here?’ and she says, ‘Where else would ich be?’ She ist the most unlikely personality to have such a beautiful love story.”

Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero)


Litchfield’s eis facility also pulled back in fan-favorite Maritza. Ns inmate, who had been missing since the letzte of ns season 5 riot separation, is returned to Litchfield when she’s caught up in in ICE raid. Maritza had gained out des prison during die time the passed, but she shortly discovers that her mother lied to her about being born in America. When she finds the end that she was actually born an Colombia, she ausblüten opts zu help the detainees approximately her und shares a number zum a totally free lawyer, catching the eye des the eis agents. Bei the fifth episode von the final season, she zu sein deported back to Colombia and, in a one-of-a-kind effect, vanishes on an outbound planen never to return.

“I was hoping Orange would certainly talk about immigration and ICE facilities. I saw die seeds planted v Blanca and all i could do was say, ‘Please tell this story und I hope that I’m a part of it.’ and they called,” Guerrero speak THR des returning kommen sie tell Maritza’s story, which differs from her own (Guerrero’s parents to be deported kommen sie Colombia wie man she was 14). “They said, “We’ve done our research. That doesn’t look favor your personal story.’ i was deshalb grateful zum that due to the fact that there are deswegen many different ‘immigration stores’ that one can have. It’s not nur the one.”

Guerrero hopes ns “vanishing” effect will help illustrate kommen sie viewers how world are treated wie man they are deported. “That sentiment that you vanish zu sein true. It’s as if you’ve never existed. Maritza zu sein on that planen to in uncertain life,” she says des the well-researched story, which deshalb provided zum a Flaritza reunion wie some des the Litchfield inmates to be appointed kommen sie run the detention zentral kitchen. “I really want and I to do other different. Ich was excited for us to be together in a augenblicke where it was really serious und we had kommen sie help every other an order zu survive. Our characters needed some of that redemption.”

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Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva)


Gloria was another character viewers learned a last more about in the last season. A remind revealed die mother von two boys had actually left two daughters in Puerto Rico wie man she zuerst came to new York an hopes des making a much better life weil das her family. Von the time she was settled, produziert older daughters decided not to sign up with her. That new information, coupled with Gloria’s predicament in the detention hauptquartier kitchen, additional drove residence OITNB‘s overall message von the range von challenges incarcerated mother face.

Gloria was inching towards produziert release, yet she still risked produziert date to help die detainees, consisting of Blanca and Maritza. When in illegal cellphone ist discovered by the guards, gloria makes ns choice to name herself, instead von seeking revenge on maria Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel) and giving one more mother, adversary or not, much more added time. Ultimately, C.O. Luschek (Matt Peters) bring away ownership of the cellphone und Gloria ist released. When she zu sein enjoying a reunion with produziert children, including one of herstellung daughters und her granddaughter, Flaca ist seen continuing the good castle started von helping detainees.

“In the early days, gloria says, ‘I oase four kids.’ She claims it an a ‘don’t mess with me, I’ve viewed it all’ way. There’s a really brief augenblicke where she’s talk about herstellung daughters und I thought, ‘I want to know what occurred there,"” Leyva tells THR des waiting to find the end more von Gloria’s history all collection long. “I’ve had actually closure. Ich was really hoping the they wouldn’t leaving it an limbo. This is the type of ending gloria deserves and I’m happy they gave it kommen sie her. This is someone who has sacrificed deswegen much.” She adds: “When lock told me gloria was going kommen sie take over ns kitchen because Red was falling apart, I deshalb remember thinking, ‘What a sad ending weil das Kate Mulgrew’s character."”

Galina “Red” Reznikov (Kate Mulgrew)


The once vibrant Red had actually been placed through ns wringer throughout both die riot and the trip zu Max. Arising as a formidable foe zum Piscatella, she was targeted and scalped über the abusive guard. Und when lock all got shipped down kommen sie Max, she was named as an instigator und given added time. Yet it’s when she lunged at Frieda berlin (Dale Soules) and risked the chance to see produziert family that whatever would change. She was put into SHU und the time spent bei that cell would certainly result bei irreparable damage. ~ struggling most von season six, Red zu sein diagnosed with early-onset dementia, driving home the detrimental effects des solitary confinement.

“To lakers Red lugged down über circumstances zu sein one thing. But kommen sie see produziert brought down über the betrayal of others. And just missing by inches what she could schutz been und what she could have had. Missing über a sliver von time,” Mulgrew reflects kommen sie THR around Red’s fate.“It was the single, strongest, bravest und best soul und they took herstellung down. And I knew that they would. Due to the fact that that’s what happens zu people an prison.”

Mulgrew had one request to Kohan and Herrmann wie they told herstellung about Red’s arc:“I just said kommen sie Jenji, ‘Please don’t make it Alzheimer’s,’ which ist my direct experience through my mother. Because we don’t oase enough time kommen sie explore und do the justice bei the 13 episodes the were allotted. Let’s make it dementia or PTSD, every little thing happens when you’re hit too hard, too many times. Und that’s what happened in the end. Ich was babbling Russian, cradling Lorna in my arms.”

Lorna Morello (Yael Stone)


Lorna also had a damaging road bei season six. Die inmate who regularly suffers native self-delusion went back to old behavior upon discovering that produziert prematurely born baby, Sterling, had actually died. Instead of leaning into her grief, Lorna remains in denial about her son’s death, prompting husband vinny (John Magaro) zu ask for a divorce. She tells her inmates stories about her baby und launches an Instagram account with stange photos. A flashback, however, revealed the Lorna had accidentally killed a pair of newlyweds and her solution to the incident assisted explain produziert real-time behavior, i beg your pardon saw her floating more from truth without any lifeboat.

In the end, notfall even Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) kann save her, und Lorna ist shipped off to florida where she ist last watched sucking produziert thumb when Red sings herstellung a Russian lullaby.“They’re abandoned. They’re out there an the ether holding ~ above each various other as they beam into space. It’s die end and it’s very sad,” stone tells THR of the pair.

“We want nice things to happen, yet that’s notfall the reality,” she continues des Lorna shining a light on how women kann be discarded if incarcerated. “There are some positive geschichten this season however Lorna’s isn’t one von them. And, an some ways, Lorna was very unlikely to be one of them since she was never able kommen sie be honest with herself bei a long-term way. She had a wenig flicker, a little moment with Nicky mainly, where dinge felt real und good. But when you can’t face your truth und know yourself at all, it’s hard weil das good dinge to happen.”

Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne)


Nicky experienced constant loss this season, together she was forced kommen sie grapple with Red’s diagnosis, permit go des Lorna und mourn ns most meaningful romance she’s ever before had wie Egyptian Shani (Marie-Lou Nahhas), who Nicky met if working in the kitchen detention center, ist abruptly deported. In the end, however, its Nicky who ends trost comforting Red, marking an additional shifting of roles among ns touching trio des Nicky, Red und Lorna.

“Lorna was nur devastating. I remember that erste scene Kate and I walk together in the bathroom whereby Nicky is dope sick und Red ist holding her und I was just weeping. And it was real; us were actually weeping,” Lyonne tells THR von early seasons behind die scenes. “And then zu do those scenes with kate at the end where she’s at ns doctor’s office und Kate and I to be weeping again, everything was backed every time von the truth des the story we’d taken.It had gotten dafür beyond method an a way that I’m assuming ist the an excellent upshot von doing a series weil das seven years, where tun können just automatically drop in because you have all the legwork of back story and the why des it all.”

The image viewers room left with is Nicky indeed growing up, together she setzt on Red’s lipstick, hat und coat and takes over the detention zentral kitchen.“Nicky yes, really did have those cultivation pains,” claims Lyonne, who was again seen weeping an the ending credits. “She retained trying to go zurück to medicine as in answer. I think it was a an extremely honest journey weil das her that, weist a details point, she became the parent and the dynamic between Red and Nicky flipped.”

Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow) andNatalie “Fig” Figueroa (Alysia Reiner)


After ns events des the riot, former warden Caputo was sidelined und spent most von season sechs fighting for Taystee during her trial. Now, Caputo zu sein teaching a restorative righteousness class und hoping to procreate with his live-in girlfriend, Fig, who has taken over his old job. However PolyCon’s linda Ferguson (Beth Dover) replace instead replace Fig v one von Caputo’s students, Tamika Ward (Susan Heyward). Tamika ends trost implementing a handful von prison reformen programs under Caputo’s influence, including ns GED program and chicken farm therapy, und closes die SHU, remove solitary confinement weist Litchfield. However when the chickens are eventually used kommen sie smuggle drugs (an ironic erste season callback), Tamika is blamed und fired, and replaced with die abusive, drug-smuggling corrections officer Hellman (Greg Vrotsos) zu illustrate Fig’s continuous point the anyone who wants zu do good at Litchfield ultimately gets spit out.

The final season put both Caputo and Fig ~ above redemptive journeys: Caputo zu sein hit through a #MeToo claim from former guardSusan fischer (Lauren Lapkus), forcing him to reconcile his past offensive behavior; and Fig subverts her own “ICE queen” reputation wie faced with the horrors des the new facility she has been appointed kommen sie run. Rein says produziert character’s transforming point was when she assisted a Guatamalan detainee(Melinna Bobadilla), who was raped if traveling to America, induce in abortion. In the end, Fig and Caputo pivot und adopt a young girl. “That was notfall the plan. Und that’s a beautiful thing about this show und the journey of Fig: us plan and God laughs. The journey is not always what we anticipate. Von the end, she really has come to be a various woman,” reiner tells THR. Sandow adds: “I had an idea, mine instinct was about a baby, because ich knew how viel that had meant kommen sie Caputo from my flashback.”

Ultimately, reiner hopes ns show’s final grad about the corruptive warden cycle zugriffszeiten home. How much of the restorative good that was accomplished this season wollen be undone von Warden Hellman, bei appointee von PolyCon? “What’s keep going on our borders is about money and about our current administration supporting particular corporations,” she says von a private prison prefer Litchfield. “Our current administration is deeply supporting corporate finance und the money that goes into the private prison system, i m sorry is also the money that goes into these detention centers.”

Sophia Burset (Laverne Cox)


Sophia was granted early on release, together with Piper, after ~ making a deal with PolyCon’s Linda. She was erste approached by Caputo and asked to speak out about herstellung mistreatment in solitary confinement to help Taystee’s case. Yet when linda offered herstellung early release and a far-ranging sum of money for her silence, Sophia took ns settlement deswegen she can put her wife and son first. Piper and Sophia have a brief run-in v their special amnesty officer und then reunite at die salon Sophia has actually opened.

When Cox signed up zum what would end up being a groundbreaking role on television, every she knew was that Sophia was“a transgender woman who was in prison who’s a hairstylist,” she speak THR. In her first-ever scene, Sophia tells neu inmate Piper she need to visit die salon dafür she kann fix her highlights, providing zum another full-circle augenblicke for both personalities on the outside. “Something shifted with Orange zu sein the neu Black about trans representation; representation of women und women von color ~ above television bei general,” claims Cox, who just nabbed herstellung third Emmy nom zum the role. “And hopefully we were able kommen sie highlight the solitary confinement ist cruel und unusual punishment, and something the no one should schutz to experience.”

The Surprises (and ende Credits)


The chicken ended trost serving as a metaphor weil das the entire series, yet they weren’t the only major callback. Alex’s lieferung to Ohio maximal gave OITNB the opportunity kommen sie check an on a slew of former personalities who had gone missing from the zeigen since ns season five finale. A consequence des the riot was that die Litchfield inmates were sent out away on different buses — ns ones who ongoing on the nur were sent down ns hill to Max, und the characters who were composed off, it was revealed in the collection finale, had actually all been sent kommen sie the max facility an Ohio.

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“The change des location provided ns opportunity . That zuerst season zu sein Piper gift a fish-out-of-water bei the prison, so it’s only fitting that wie man we’re coming kommen sie the end of herstellung story bei prison the we see the characters in this new location whereby they’re all fish-out-of-water,” executive producer Brian Chamberlayne had actually explained des the actors trimming zum season six. Kohan says the room to let go all die characters that didn’t return, which is why die series letzte welcomed back so plenty of familiar faces weil das both the finale and end-credits montage (below), which saw die cast filming roll goodbyes.

The last moments offered viewers glimpses von Red’s alt kitchen crew und family, consisting of Carrie “Big Boo” black (Lea DeLaria), Gina Murphy (Abigail Savage), Norma Romano (Annie Golden), Anita DeMarco (Lin Tucci) und Yoga jones (Constance Shulman).Janae Watson (Vicky Jeudy) und Alison Abdullah (Amanda Stephen) von the Ghetto Dorm crew were seen on ns track, wherein a changed Kasey Sankey (Kelly Karbacz) was approaching Brook Soso (Kimiko Glenn), that was tonnage seen mourning girlfriend Poussey. Leanne taylor (Emma Myles) and Angie Rice (Julie Lake), meanwhile, are ausblüten pantsing every other. “I didn’t oase that opportunity wie they loaded us on the buses. Because who knew what that was going zu be?” DeLaria, who had also returned weil das a season six cameo, speak THR of the collective uncertainty the cast faced at the ende of the fifth season. “It was really nice zu be may be to nur say goodbye.”