Orange is the new black wahre begebenheit

Orange zu sein The neu Black: True Story & Background explained Orange is the New schwarz is chronicles life at a woman"s prison. We take a watch at ns true story und background that inspired the Netflix show.

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Piper Kerman Orange zu sein the new schwarz true story
Orange is the new Black was a smash hit for Netflix the happened kommen sie be based on a true story. Ns background zum the zeigen came from the book Orange zu sein the neu Black: my Year an a Women"s Prison by Piper Kerman. The Jenji Kohan-created zeigen went on weil das seven years, definition that it ultimately strayed native its original source material. But the book noted a strong foundation zum what came to be one of Netflix"s longest-running series.

Kerman published the memoir in 2010. It follows die aftermath of getting involved bei drug trafficking and money laundering with herstellung ex-girlfriend, played onscreen by That "70s Show stern Laura Prepon. After that period of time, she attempted kommen sie get produziert life zurück together. But six years later, she ended nach oben being sentenced to fünfzehn months an prison for those crimes. Ns rest von the book discusses just how prison changed her life. Her novel was well received and subsequently adapted into the Netflix show. It followed Piper Chapman, who zu sein based top top Kerman, after her past entanglement through drugs records up zu her. She"s sentenced to 15 months bei jail, only zu be put an the very same prison as the ex-girlfriend (Laura Prepon) who led to produziert imprisonment.

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The real Piper"s story was pretty crazy, but it wasn"t rather as dramatic as ns television show. Die hookups, adversaries, und more to be blown out von proportion for the Netflix original show. Despite the changes from buchseite to screen, both ns fictional und real Piper"s geschichte had ns same message — women"s prisons in the united state are bei major need von some significant reforms.

Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman bei Orange ist the new Black
The echt Piper did in reality fall for a woman an a drug runde and was sent to jail because des it. Bei the show, Piper"s prison reunion with ns ex-girlfriend who got her involved is a large focus von the show. But as TV Time reports, Piper actually was notfall at the same prison as produziert ex. Ns two just saw every other throughout their trial. In fact, many relationships and interactions with various other inmates to be embellished zum the show. OITNB, which finished after season 7, showed Piper continually feuding with other inmates, including Red ideal off ns bat. But as TV Time says, Kerman said ns inmates she interacted with an prison to be actually extremely welcoming. Iterations von many des those frauen she met made that into the show. Zum example, das of geek reported the a glamourous transgender woman referred zu as Vanessa became Sophia bei the show and the Russian maternal figured referred to as Pop came to be Red in OITNB.

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Both versions des Piper were sentenced to 15 months in prison. Kerman only served 13 months of that sentence, as she was released early weil das good behavior. But in both echt life und the Netflix original series, it"s clear the prison readjusted Piper. Bei the Orange ist the new Black series finale, it"s revealed that Piper has started taking polite procedure courses. ~ Kerman got out of prison in real life, she ended up being a fierce advocate weil das women"s rights an the American jail system, frequently speaking out on their behalf weist hearings und lectures. Both ns fictional and real versions des Piper had actually a life-changing experience in prison that they used kommen sie make various other women"s lebt better.