P30 Pro New Edition Test

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(oered.org) - times were different when the huawei P30 zum arrived on ns shelves back an 2019. That had the best camera walk at die time. And, of course, access to google Mobile Services und therefore the full variety of google Play keep apps.

Since then, huawei has herbst on different zeit due to die US profession ban, resulting in its more recent handsets - ns P40 Pro and Mate 30 pro - rather offering apps Gallery only.

Cleverly, however, huawei has a workaround: the huawei P30 Pro new Edition. Yep, ns P30 Pro is back bei upgraded 2020 form, google Play Store and all. Here"s just how it different to ns original model.

P30 Pro neu Edition: What"s ns same?

Screen (6.47-inch OLED, 2340 x 1080 resolution, 19.5:9 aspect ratio)Cameras (Leica Quad Camera system)Main: 40MP, 27mm, f/1.6, SuperSensing RYYB constructionZoom: 8MP, 5x periscope zoom,125mm, f/3.4Wide: 20MP, 16mm, f/2.2Time-of-Flight (ToF)Processor (Kirin 980 processor)Overall entwurf footprint & formIn-screen fingerprint scanner4200mAh battery capacity40W SuperCharge

In order zu avoid ns need zu resubmit ns P30 jeden New auflage for approval, which would result in Google Mobile dienstleistungen being withdrawn, die company has, by und large, had kommen sie leave ns handset virtually identical to die original.

That means die same screen, very same processor, same quad Leica camera arrangement, exact same battery capacity, same screen. It"s pretty much the same device.

P30 Pro new Edition: ist it die same design?

Colours: silver- Frost, Aurora and BlackMatte-touch finish

The P30 zum New edition does bring jene up to date bei cosmetic form though. Die Silver Frost end up - die only one zu be available bei the UK - zu sein the same as you"ll find on the P40 Pro.

That method it"s gott a soft-to-touch finish, has in anti-fingerprint coating, and looks really swish indeed. It"s one of our favourite und more ethereal finishes the does a really good arbeit of feather clean.

Huawei states "a facility process involving nine layers of nano-optical colour complete has been applied to ns body of the device" to ensure it"s ultra tough too. No scratches space likely below then.

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P30 Pro neu Edition: is it an ext powerful?

8GB RAM256GB storageAndroid 10 v EMUI 10.1 re-skinAccess to google Play store & Huawei anwendung GalleryNew voice assistant: "Celia"

As us said trost top, the P30 jeden New planke features die same Kirin 980 processor as the original modell (not die Kirin 990 of the P40 series). However, the modell features 8GB ramm as standard this time roughly - whereas ns entry-level P30 zum came with 6GB.

That doesn"t make the new handset much more powerful, von se, it"s yes, really just huawei doing away with die 6GB+128GB storage auswahl from before. But you"ll be able to hold a little more in memory which might result in quicker load zeit when running multiple apps.

On-board storage zu sein 256GB together standard, again outing ns 128GB auswahl from before. There"s NM map expansion too (no microSD, since die company lost SD association approval).

Software ist one des the huge areas of focus. The New planke runs google Android, nur as ns original modell did. However, the new model will beginning on android 10, to run Huawei"s EMUI 10.1 - other that the older model will deshalb offer durch future update. As such the software zu sein likely to be one und the same by the time die New auflage makes it kommen sie market.

But what"s new in EMUI 10.1? Well, the big thing is the Celia voice assistant. Yes, the how-similar-to-Siri-can-we-make-a-voice-assistant-sound voice assistant. She"s here, ready to help freundin on her way, comment queries und actioning her requests.

There"s so Huawei Music and Huawei Video, both of which room free weil das three months for new subscribers (£/€9.99 von month thereafter). Music is a communication like google Music, really, or Spotify, opening die door zu 1.2 million albums from all the big names. Us suspect, however, given google Play ist present and correct here, the you"ll pole with any existing subscription access sie may possess.

P30 Pro new Edition: is it cheaper?

£699 / €749 / $N/A3 June availability

The New ausführung may offer an ext than die original base-spec handset, but it prices hundreds much less than die original P30 zum did weist launch. You"ll also get a free huawei Watch GT2e redemption if freundin buy one up zu 30 June 2020.

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We think ns price is rather eye-catching, since this ist still an accomplished handset. And bei a welt full von over-sell wie man it comes zu triple-figure camera resolutions and largely unnecessary much longer zoom lenses, this handset sounds choose it hits the sweet clues - even in today"s market.