Pcr Test Kosten Deutschland

Data sources: Johns Hopkins universität CSSE (international dünn from WHO, CDC (USA), ECDC (Europe), NHC, DXY (China), and reports indigenous German authorities (Robert kochen Institute, as well as regional and state health departments)) via morgenpost.de.

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Coronavirus direkt map

Coronavirus continues kommen sie spread internationally und has currently reached every continents. Bei overview of current figures an Germany und worldwide statistics kann be found on the interactive direkte map from flamme media group. Ns map provides insights ~ above which areas are most affected worldwide und how die statistics are transforming over time.

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Vaccine rollout is making progress! A lot has occurred since ns first coronavirus vaccine was officially approved at the end of 2020. Uncover out everything freundin need to know about vaccination statistics, vaccine development, authorized vaccines, the approval process, discussions on causing obligation vaccination, and possible side impacts of coronavirus vaccines. We’ve summarized the most crucial information for you.

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Where kann sein I acquire tested weil das COVID-19?

Rapid covid tests tun können be performed an various prüfen centers without viel effort. However, if you have reasons to suspect infection, ns following choices are available.

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*Only patients through urgent or severe symptoms have to visit in emergency room.


Would sie like kommen sie get tested for SARS-CoV-2?

If sie decide to get tested weil das SARS-CoV-2, there are a couple of types von tests available: direct viruist detection making use of a fast antigen test or PCR (throat swab) und antibody testing (blood test). Direct virus detection shows whether freundin are at this time infected v coronavirus, if antibody testing determines whether your immune system has occurred antibodies due kommen sie a previous infection.

Slowing die spread of corona – prevention in everyday life

Transmission of coronavirusSimilar to die common influenza (flu) virus, coronavirus spreads primarily via respiratory (droplet) transmission. This occurs wie people sneeze and cough, also as wie people touch your noses, mouths, or eyes after shaking hands.

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Hygiene tipsIt ist recommended to avoid close contact with others. Do sure to wash und disinfect your hands regularly if you oase exposure zu public spaces or various other risk factors (e.g. Traveling by train, publicly facilities, civilization coughing or sneezing bei their hands). Inspect with local authorities to find out wie wearing a challenge mask bei public zu sein recommended.

In summary, this list of measures considerably reduces the risk of infection:

Who ist most weist risk?

Currently civilization who may be punkt higher risk des more significant complications from covid include:

Older adults (65 years und older)Patients with congenital or acquired immune deficiencies (e.g due to medications used an chemotherapy)Children are not at higher risk according zu current proof

Which preventative measures should people in high risk groups take?

If sie belong kommen sie a high danger group, please grad the adhering to guidelines:

Follow general rules von hygiene and conductTake measures kommen sie reduce call Limit social contact to die bare minimum and stay residence if possibleConsider questioning neighbors, friends, and family members to help gaining groceries or medicationActively educate yourself about ns state of the pandemic always keep her insurance card ready with a list von current medications und pre-existing conditions