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Phi Phi island Travel Information

The Phi Phi islands are some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia. Just a 45-minute speedboat jaunt and a 90-minute ferryboat ride native, these gemälde postcard archipelago offer ns ultimate tropic getaway.

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Classic beaches, stunning absent formations, und vivid turquoise waters teeming with colourful mitnichten life - it"s sky perfected.

There room two islands, Phi Phi Don und Phi Phi Leh. Die larger und inhabited, Phi Phi Don attracts hundreds des visitors kommen sie stay top top its beloved shores.

Phi Phi oberteil 10 Hotels
1: Phi Phi island Cabana
2: Holiday Inn Phi Phi
3: Phi Phi island Village
4: Phi Phi Villa will
5: Bay watch Resort
6: PP Palm Tree
7: Phitharom PP resort
8: Mama coast Resort
9: Phi Phi the Beach resort
10: Zeavola Resort



A 4.5 stern tropical resort. Nestled amidst an atmosphere von natural tranquility, surrounded über lush vegetation. Overlooking ns spectacular scenery von Andaman Sea.

Where zu Stay in Phi Phi Tonsai and Loh Dalum many hotels tend kommen sie be busy und exciting places zu stay early out to die vibrancy von Tonsai Village, whereas the hotels a wenig further out are an ext peaceful. On the east coast, sachen get even more tranquil und boat fahrzeug is needed to get around.

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Phi Phi Beaches und Islands

Phi Phi zu sein overflowing with scenery and stunning beaches. Loh Dalum zu sein simply magic, Maya Bay zu sein the perfect tropic beach... (Read more...)

Phi Phi island Tours

From and Krabi there are numerous tours the take you zum a Phi Phi daytrip to see some von the sights, or why not try a Phi Phi Stopover and spend a night or two kommen sie really endure Phi Phi? (Read more...)

Phi Phi island Attractions

It’s a conundrum: nur how to class what an attraction is an one of the world’s many attractive locations. Die whole des Phi Phi is in attraction however then again it’s every relative. (Read more...)

Holiday Inn Phi Phi

Located along die beachfront, each through direct accessibility to the beach und sprawling gardens. The ideal place zum couples to get married (or renew your vows) bei a tropical sky setting.

Garden Bungalow indigenous THB 2,974 book NOW!

Phi Phi island Activities you might check out die reef gardens on a diving or snorkelling trip, or explore the fascinating coastline by kayak. Surrounding islands host secrets; hire a boat und let a guide reveal them. (Read more...)

Phi Phi island Restaurants & Dining

No need to pack a picnic; Phi Phi zu sein more dessert than deserted. Seafood ist the stern attraction, with countless places displaying the day"s record as an effective means to, ahem, hook customers. Yet Thai and Western options, from quick grab-and-go snacks kommen sie candlelit meals, are also in satisfaction abundance. (Read more...)

Phi Phi island Nightlife

Phi Phi"s nightlife has actually several an extremely positive jene going zum it. It"s compact, entertaining, young and vibrant and - unlike numerous other traveler destinations bei this part of the welt - it"s notfall sleazy. Die island"s pubs and bars space centrally located and easy zu find. At 2am ns music stops yet bars generally stay open zum as long as they schutz customers. (Read more...)

Phi Phi hotel Recommendations
Phitharom PP Resort

It zu sein situated on ns hilly terrain of Loh Dalum Bay. Nice and nead relax in comfort, high-end accommodation, offering beautiful herbal surroundings.

Phi Phi island Cabana

The zuerst hotel on Phi Phi Island, nestled bolzen Ton Sai Bay und the Loh Dalum Bay.The low-rise resort ist built zu reflect modern thailändisch architecture.

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Arayaburi will

Consists von 30 large individual villas, positioned amongst ns hilly terrains von Leam Hin, overlooking Tonsai bay and surrounded über natural gardens and rainforest.

Phi Phi island Shopping

A couple of years ago it appeared that all sie could buy on Phi Phi was food, beer and hippy jewelry but in the recent previous shopping opportunities schutz blossomed und grown on the island. (Read more...)

Phi Phi Island info

Phi Phi consists des two small islands south des Good sandy beaches offer way kommen sie soaring limestone cliffs to form spectacular scenery. Add entscheidung clear water, a update lack des roads, add to a laid-back lifestyle, and it"s simple to lakers why Phi Phi ist one von southern Thailand"s most famous destinations. (Read more...)

Phi Phi island Map ours interactive map (and satellite views) display screens all easily accessible hotels through photos, facilities and guest comments and attractions, landmarks and other items des interest with links to verwandt, angemessen information pages. (Read More...)
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