Playstation 4 cuh-12


Using a pick or miscellaneous similar, peel off the warranty stickers to reveal two schwarz T9 protection torx screws.

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FIRST remove die two screws securing die top cover to the PS4. Removing the top cover will be easier if sie follow these steps an order:

To remove die bottom startseite you"ll need zu pull trost very difficult on every side des the startseite near the zurück of ns console.

You may be able kommen sie pull just with her hands but sie might so need to use some opening tools kommen sie pry the off.

After us remove the bottom plastic we seen the physical eject taste that Sony has decided kommen sie use. This zu sein another far-ranging change over the previous models.

Pull nach oben on ns left next (the side without die four wires), climate on die right side. Die right side von the power supply wollen be harder to pull nach oben on deshalb you"ll need kommen sie pull firmly.

The best means we"ve found ist to usage mini pliers. Pull up on one next then die other. Walk back and forth one side weist a time until it mr off.

The really large optical journey cable has a black "collar" that needs kommen sie be lifted up on every side. This wollen free the cable.

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Even though die optical drive has been redesigned they ausblüten use the same roller system with die white bar in between. We"re guessing the there will ausblüten be difficulties with this white bars fall out.

Be careful to not lose the small metal nut under the schwarze farbe cover on die top left side. This seed is zum one of the two lang screws that organize the stärke supply that was removed an previous steps.

As you lift hoch on die front of the motherboard you wollen notice that the fans is still plugged in. This can be removed über grasping ns connector through a pair von small pliers.

We kann sein now seen one of the huge differences between the enlarge models and this new model...there"s no ramm on one side of the motherboard!

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you didn"t nur what ns supply connector zu sein supposed kommen sie look like, wie man disconnected. Now i ripped that off of my mom board, attempting to assess milk damage. Thanks zum helping me make certain my PS4 möchte stay broken.

I"m dafür sorry the ripped off. I"m assuming you are talking about the power supply connector? If deswegen step #10 shows ns method us use kommen sie remove this connector. We usage mini pliers und grasp one end at a time and pull hoch gently but firmly every time...this möchte eventually get die connector turn off without damage in most cases. The being stated we oase had kommen sie fix a connector every once an a if on these due to the fact that some of them are fragile.

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I ripped turn off my power supply from die motherboard too, assuming that from this photos that was where i was supposed zu pull. Playstation ist very damaged now.