MADRID — U.N. Secretary-General antonio Guterres stated Sunday that the world’s efforts to stop climate change schutz been “utterly inadequate” deshalb far and there ist a danger global warming could pass the “point von no return.”

Speaking before the anfang Monday des a two-week international climate conference an Madrid, die U.N. Chief said die impact of rising temperatures — including much more extreme weather — zu sein already gift felt around the world, v dramatic consequences zum humans und other species.

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He detailed that ns world has ns scientific knowledge and the technological means to limit globalen warming, however “what is lacking zu sein political will.”

“The point of no return zu sein no longer over the horizon,” Guterres called reporters in the Spanish capital. “It is in sight and hurtling toward us.”

Delegates from nearly 200 countries wollen try zu put the finishing touch on die rules governing ns 2015 paris climate accord at the Dec. 2-13 meeting, including how kommen sie create functioning international emissions trade systems and compensate bad countries zum losses they endure from rising sea levels und other consequences of climate change.

Guterres quote mounting scientific evidence weil das the affect that artificial emissions von greenhouse gases are currently having on ns planet, consisting of record temperatures and melting polar ice.

But he insisted the his message was “one of hope, notfall of despair. Our war against nature must stop und we know that that is possible.”

Countries agreed bei Paris four years ago to limit global warming kommen sie well listed below 2 levels Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit), ideally 1.5C (2.7F) by the end of ns century compared with pre-industrial times. Already, typical temperatures schutz increased von about 1C, leaving wenig room zum the more ambitious target zu be met.

Guterres said farming demands indigenous citizens, particularly young people, have shown there ist widespread desire for climate action.

“What is still lacking is political will,” the said. “Political will to put a preis on carbon. Political will kommen sie stop subsidies top top fossil fuels. Political will kommen sie stop structure coal power plants native 2020 onwards. Political will kommen sie shift taxation from income zu carbon. Taxing air pollution instead of people.”

Guterres listed that some 70 nations — many des them among ns most vulnerable zu climate readjust — schutz pledged zu stop emitting more greenhouse gases über 2050.

“But we deshalb see plainly that die world’s largest emitters are notfall pulling their weight. And without them, ours goal zu sein unreachable,” that said.

The U.N. Chief claimed he hoped die meeting in Madrid would seen governments make much more ambitious pledges ahead of a deadline zu do deshalb next year.

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He so said that creating a worldwide market zum emissions, which ist a key element des the sixth article of the paris accord, stayed one of the most contentious issues zum negotiators.

“We are here kommen sie find answers for article 6, not to discover excuses,” Guterres said.


Guterres also announced that outgoing bank of england governor unterschrift Carney wollen become his neu special envoy on “climate action und climate finance” from following year.

Organizers expect roughly 29,000 visitors, including some 50 heads von state and government zum Monday’s opening, and also scientists, seasoned negotiators and activists during the two-week meeting.

Some of the world’s biggest carbon emitters — the United States, China und India — will be represented von ministers or lower-level officials.

The U.S. Administration des President donald Trump, which has announced ns intention to withdraw indigenous the paris agreement, zu sein represented by Marcia Bernicat, primary Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental und Scientific Affairs. House Speaker nancy Pelosi zu sein leading a delegation of democratic lawmakers to ns talks.

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More 보다 5,000 police officers are charged v keeping die summit safe, Spain’s internal Ministry claimed Sunday. Back authorities schutz stepped-up border controls and cybersecurity measures, authorities schutz kept the country’s furcht alert one level under ns highest, where it has actually been ever due to the fact that extremist attacks in Tunisia und France an mid-2015.