Pokémon go hotspots deutschland

Whoever still doesn’t know what Pokémon walk is, probably lives on the other side von the moon! the game has actually been top top everybody’s lips due to the fact that its German-wide release on 13th July und you kann bump right into players on nearly every street corner.

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It’s in augmented-reality video game where players schutz to record virtual bag monsters ~ above the street using general practitioners technology. We’ve charged our smartphones and compiled a list of Cologne’s most interesting Pokémon go spots – just weil das you:

Wander through die streets around ns Cathedral and you’ll kommen sie across many Pokémon and bei even better number of PokéStops.

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You’ll uncover Weedles, Rattatas, Eevees und even part Pidgeys an numerous corners of the stadt centre. Our search started outside ns Cologne Tourism service centre and we quickly discovered a Venonat and a Drowzee on Burgmauer.

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The cathedral zu sein best photographed roughly 150 metres from ns cathedral square, in front of house number 16. Deshalb at least sie won’t schutz walked here for nothing!