Poker flush gegen flush

I"m playing v T7 here vs Q6 suited. He it s okay a queen-high flush and I get a full house on ns river. The game system gives ihm the win.

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I thought a complete house beats a flush. Zu sein this a bug?



This zu sein a 6+ NLHE game (also referred to as short deck). In this video game the hand ranking room different und a flush zu sein better than a full house. Here is a link to"s short deck hand rankings: Double check the hand rankings wherever freundin are playing, ich have also heard des short deck games where a three des a kind beats a straight yet this ist not always the case.


Is "six plus" the same as short deck (like regular texas hold-em, yet with every 2s, 3s, 4s & 5s gotten rid of from ns deck)?

In that game a flush does win a complete house early out to the change bei relative probabilities caused über card removal.

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