Porsche Macan S 2019

Highs As rapid as part Boxsters, curvy exterior, outstanding poise on die road. Short Low-rent interior, cramped rear seat, small cargo hold. Verdict cd driver brilliantly, better than we ever before thought a compact crossover could be.

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With the incredibly engaging Macan, Porsche proves the a crossover can drive choose a sports car. The spellbinding performance and unflappable poise are ns primary factors we named ns 2018 model to our 10Best Trucks und SUVs list. Under its curvaceous covering are two accessible engines—a basic 248-hp turbocharged four-cylinder and a turbocharged V-6 do 348 horsepower in the s model. Every Macan is equipped through a seven-speed automatically transmission und all-wheel drive. Sure, some competitors are an ext affordable und practical, but they don"t cast a order on your drivers in the same means that ns Porsche does. It important sets die bar zum what crossovers kann sein be.

What"s New for 2019?

the 2019 Porsche Macan zu sein updated zum this year and features refreshed exterior styling that has updated front und rear bumpers, neu taillamps that span die width des the liftgate, und new wheel designs. Ns base Macan receive a 248-hp turbocharged four-cylinder and the high-performance S model comes with a 348-hp turbo V-6; the GTS und Turbo models have yet to be revealed for 2019, but will almost certainly verpackt more punch 보다 the s when they eventually return. Ns suspension ist retuned this year together well, although ns Macan already was the one des the best handling crossovers des 2018. The Macan deshalb sees a couple of interior changes, ns most remarkable one being die new, larger 10.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system und standard 4G LTE onboard Wi-Fi feature.

Pricing and Which One zu Buy

If it were going an our driveway, we"d pick ns Macan S. It"s quick, fun kommen sie drive, and offers ns best performance in the current 2019 Macan lineup. Internal trim varies only a wenig from ns entry-level Macan to ns Macan S, deshalb most of the price bump bolzen models is relevant with transforms to ns powertrain und other mechanically equipment. Traditional features in the Macan ns include a 10.9-inch touchscreen infotainment display, a 10-speaker audio system, führen zu headlamps, und all-wheel drive. It"s easy zu add thousands des dollars to ns cost des your Porsche von ticking box on ns options list, yet it"s best kommen sie exercise restraint wie man staring down the Macan"s order perform lest this Porsche be the last thing you can afford to buy.

Engine, Transmission, und Performance

Likes: Quick as some two-door Porsches, sharp-shifting gearbox, responsive brake pedal. Dislikes: It"s notfall quite a sports car.

We have yet to test the turbocharged four-cylinder that powers ns base Macan, nor have we strapped our prüfen gear kommen sie the new turbo V-6 found in the Macan S. Us expect ns extra stärke from the new V-6 engine will result in very klein improvements bei performance versus tonnage year"s Macan S, which was powered über a 340-hp twin-turbo V-6 that hit 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, die exact same result returned über both ns Audi SQ5 und the Jaguar F-Pace S. It"s objectively unnecessary for an SUV zu launch off the line as conveniently as ns Macan does, however that doesn"t protect against us indigenous enjoying the ride.

Quickness zu sein important in a crossover through sporting intentions, however we wouldn"t be almost as impression with the Macan if the weren"t zum its all-around competence on ns road. Ns ride zu sein wonderfully smooth and carefully controlled, und it"s rare zum a jolt from die road kommen sie make that way hoch through die cabin. Ns Macan"s tenacious attitude in corners provides it feeling stable und planted. The steering ist a little lighter than bei Porsche"s sports cars, but ausblüten hyperaccurate and pleasantly tactile. You kann sein drive this Macan hard, and it responds favor a top-ranked sports sedan.


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Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

the Macan"s generieren ratings are really similar kommen sie those des its competitors, back a few rivals schutz better numbers on die highway. When we get ns updated Macan and Macan s into our garage for testing, we"ll send both on our 200-mile real-world fuel-economy prüfen route to seen how ns EPA"s rangfolge hold hoch under normal operating conditions.

Interior, Infotainment, und Cargo

Likes: Upscale features und materials room available—for a price; more practical than Porsche"s sporting activities cars. Dislikes: Shrunken zurück seat, lacks typical luxuries, no android Auto, restricted carry-on capacity.

die Macan"s standard inner fittings are a disappointment in a crossover of this price und provenance, and it"s expensive zu outfit one an a manner the befits die Porsche crest. There"s also less space weil das back-seat passengers in the Macan than in most competitors. The Macan"s power-adjustable seats zum the driver and front-seat passenger are die only pieces des standard interior tools that feel also remotely luxurious. It"s feasible to have the whole interior draped in leather, i beg your pardon would partially address the issue, but die $2230 the Porsche asks zum outlining just the front wait vents an leather feel like preis gouging, even zum Porsche.

Porsche"s infotainment system kann be had actually with all manner des high-tech features. But, together with practically everything on die Macan"s equipment list, enjoy it those features wollen cost you. USB ports und 12-volt outlets room sprinkled throughout the cabin, deshalb driver and passengers alike must be able zu keep their devices fully charged. With ns standard cell phone Wi-Fi package on board, the family dünn plan could be able to escape a road trip unscathed, too.

A puny cargo hold and small interior cubbies make ns Macan one von the least helpful vehicles in this segment. But when has buying a Porsche ever been a rational choice? We rechts six carry-on bags an the cargo bay und 16 with the rear seat folded, which should be enough weil das most people.


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Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Macan hasn"t to be tested von either crash-test firm (nor has any other Porsche right now on sale, zum that matter). Die Macan can be had with a large array des driver-assistance technology, but virtually none von it zu sein standard. Vital safety functions include:

Standard lane-departure warning accessible automated notfall braking easily accessible adaptive cruise control

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Porsche"s guarantee coverage is good but notfall great; the F-Pace and the Cadillac XT5 offer better coverage bei certain areas.

Limited warranty startseite 4 year or 50,000 mile Powertrain warranty abdecken 4 years or 50,000 miles free maintenance is covered zum 1 year or 10,000 miles