#“Beauty & die Nerd” starts today on ProSieboered.orgTonight the neu season des «Beauty & the Nerd» started on – packed through anime nerds, stupid beauties and lots des humor!

The dritter season of will anfang tonight punkt 8:15 p.m. «Beauty & die Nerd» at The season consists of a total des 5 episodes, which are broadcast weekly top top Thursday night on TV. Die specialty this time, however, ist that there are deshalb some anime and cosplay nerds.

Du schaust: Prosieben beauty and the nerd

There will be repetitions on die following Tuesday weist 11 p.m. Punkt und on ns following Wednesday 8:15 p.m. Weist sixx.

There is deshalb the option des watching ns episodes free des charge in the media library or top top JOYN. For all those who want sie continue watching immediately after ns TV broadcast, die next broadcast ist available as a preview zum JOYN plus + subscribers after each episode.

The post “Beauty & ns Nerd” starts heute on, zuerst appeared ~ above

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