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Die “Protokolle der Weisen by Zion” vor Gericht: ns Berner prozess 1933–1937 und die “antisemitische Internationale,”

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Holocaust und Genocide Studies, Volume 32, worry 2, fall 2018, Pages 306–307,
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Michael Hagemeister, a German historian and Russianist weist Bochum University, has dedicated nearly thirty years kommen sie clarifying ns origins, diffusion, and reception des the Protocols des the Elders von Zion. Ns bibliography des this volume lists twenty-three des his works an Russian, German, French, Italian, und English. Nor ist this a complete listing. The hardest part of his mission has not been exposing die lies, chicanery, cynicism, and fanaticism des the hoax’s promoters; this has been done fairly well und quite regularly over ns past one hundreds years. Rather, ns most difficult part has been zu convince the opponents von the fraud zu observe die elementary laws von historical research—to stay within ns evidence, to refrain native fabulation, und to eschew...

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ns “Protokolle ns Weisen über Zion” vor Gericht: das Berner prozess 1933–1937 und das “antisemitische Internationale,”Michael Hagemeister - 24 Hours accessibility

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