Google Play and the Apple App Store are by far the two largest platforms to lớn distribute and promote apps. In order khổng lồ avoid any issues and possible rejections, your applications should be built following the specific requirements of each of those Stores. If you are ready to lớn publish, chances are you already built & tested your app. Testing an exact copy of your app (called the AdHoc version), in the same version as the one which will be released on the stores, is a very important step you shouldn’t overlook. If you are using, you will find in your baông xã office dedicated online helps khổng lồ generate the AdHoc version, for both the iOS and the Android version of your tiện ích. This article will provide an overview of the steps khổng lồ follow to lớn successfully publish your Android and iOS phầm mềm.

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As an open platkhung, Android offers different choices to distribute apps. Even though other alternative Stores exist, Google Play is the premier platform khổng lồ distribute an Android ứng dụng.
Google DeveloperAccount In order to lớn publish your tiện ích on the Google Play Store, it is mandatory to lớn create a Google Developer Account. The registration fee is a one-time payment of $25. Part of the information you provide upon registration will be visible in the Store later on. When an end user browses an tiện ích in the Play Store, they can get information about who is the developer. The information provided by Google Play Store is the same you declared when opening your Google Developer Account.

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Submit the ứng dụng to Google Play Store Google Play is a library where users browse & search for apps depending on their interests. If a user opens your ứng dụng listing they will take only a few seconds to lớn decide if it matches their need. You need to make your listing compelling to catch their attention & convince them khổng lồ download your tiện ích. The text for your app listing should follow those listing criterias . These are all the details that will show up khổng lồ customers on Google Play. In the Play Store, the short mô tả tìm kiếm is the first text users will see on the page app, a promo text. In the long description, describe accurately your app using the right keyword lớn catch your audience và optimize ASO. Choose the correct graphic features và screenshots to reinforce your br& and show off your ứng dụng best features. Once these steps have sầu been completed, you can upload the binary file (the .android file) and follow the guide on your Google Console khổng lồ rollout the release khổng lồ publish our tiện ích. APK (Android Package Kit) is the tệp tin format used by the Android operating system to install & run apps. The APK tệp tin contains all the elements needed for your tiện ích to lớn actually work on an Android device. It can take a few hours for your app to be available on the Play Store.

Google Play Store

If you developed your phầm mềm with, a dedicated online help will guide you through each steps of the publication. And if you really can’t be bothered by the entire process, “ Takes Care ” can bởi vì all the work for you and publish your ứng dụng. Another advantage of using ;)
The process of submitting an tiện ích to the App Store is slightly complex và requires throughout preparation. The App Store is host to lớn more than 2 millions apps và has changed the way we used smartphones, making apps part of our daily transactions. Apple has mix high standards & strict guiding principles in order to lớn maintain this ecosystem safe for its users và always offer high unique apps.
Apple Developer account In order lớn create an iOS tiện ích và publish it on the App Store, you are required khổng lồ register as an Apple Developer . This tài khoản cost $99 & must be renewed yearly. Joining this developer program also gives you the ability to build an iOS tiện ích và kiểm tra it on the devices themselves, a crucial step in the app development process.
Submit the phầm mềm to lớn App Store It is highly recommended lớn read the Apple Store đánh giá guidelines before starting the submission process. Indeed, Apple review Team Reviews each phầm mềm before approving them for release. The majority of Apple rejections are due lớn the non-compliance with the main guidelines. Before you submit your phầm mềm for Đánh Giá, you will need to lớn provide a collection of information (Icon, app preview/ screenshots) & metadata (the name of your ứng dụng, its category, a detailed mô tả tìm kiếm và additional từ khóa for ASO). Don’t underestimate the importance of thedescription : the first sentence (the first 3 lines)are the most important, because this is the part which the users can see without having to lớn tap lớn read more. Be accurate, clear & concise, transmit the core value of your app khổng lồ the users. The name on the developer account must be the same that the app final owner. It is the name that appears under your tiện ích on the Store. The Review process takes a few days và Apple will insize you when your tiện ích is publicly available on the Store. has put in place a đánh giá to guide you through a smooth submission process. During the reviews, our dedicated iOS team will carry a throughout examination of the look và feel of the user interface as well as verify the compliance with Apple guidelines. If your tiện ích doesn’t meet the App Store requirements, the Review team will provide advice lớn help you improve sầu it. Our goal is for you khổng lồ successfully publish your app & we will vị our best khổng lồ help you.


Submitting an ứng dụng khổng lồ the Stores for the first time can feel somehow overwhelming. However the excitement & the benefits from reaching millions of users all over the world make the effort all the worthwhile.