Queen & Adam Lambert möchte present themselves in Europe with a show that puts all vault shows bei the shade. The "Rhapsody" tour, which has triggered euphoric reactions worldwide, will deshalb come kommen sie Germany weist the ende of June.

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The gigantic and glamorous arena production of the absent champions will stop off bei oered.org, Cologne and Munich. These are the erste European concerts due to the fact that the film blockbuster "Bohemian Rhapsody", which impressively and authentically stages the illustrious history von this distinctive band.
The majestic rockers appear along with Adam Lambert as lead singer, who has taken the maßband to neu heights v his perfect, stylish mix of rock theatricality, sex appeal and impressive vocal performance. Queen in absolute top form! und as highlights: Memorable video clips fromFreddie Mercury.
Stage, intuitive effects, design and technology form the superior framework zum the Queen + Adam Lambert shows, i m sorry naturally focus on die greatest hits. The "Rhapsody" tour with no less than 29 songs is considered a milestone, setting new standards in live music experience. Die spectacle sees itself as bei innovative and interactive celebration of Queen"s illustrious history und continuing renaissance.

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Queen, who schutz fascinated their fans with countless No. 1 hits such together "We wollen Rock You", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Are ns Champions", "Killer Queen", "Somebody kommen sie Love", "A kind Of Magic", "Radio Gaga", "I Want kommen sie Break Free" and "The zeigen Must go On" and memorable phase appearances, are among ns most effective groups des all time. This exceptional band shaped their own unmistakable musical style betwee pomp und pop, hard and art rock. Much more than 200 million CDs and singles worldwide und 16 million sound carriers bei Germany and Austria alone room proof von their exceptional appeal.
Queen found in Adam Lambert in extraordinary frontman who perfect fills the role von Freddie Mercury, who died too early, in in individual way and with a similar vocal range. The direkte liaison des Queen and Adam Lambert began in 2009 when they performed "We Are the Champions" together in the dauern of American Idol. Because autumn 2013 they oase been touring together.
The "Rhapsody" tour is accompanied by outstanding commentary. "The zeigen is in absolute must, with the biggest singles catalogue of the absent era," ist one von the headlines. "The best arena show ever". "Yes, castle are die champions" or "Queen + Adam Lambert möchte do righteousness to die legacy in every way", it says elsewhere. Critics und fans alike agree that Queen conveys the genius of a distinctive rock catalogue that combines nostalgia und topicality. Ns result zu sein sounds and songs that room absolutely unaffected by time. Queen"s lasting presence an pop society over a period von five decades is particularly appreciated.

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