In this guide we’ll show you how to lớn control any app android device from a computer in 2019. Then, we’ll share a danh mục of the best apps to lớn control app android from your PC or even Google Chrome. That way you’ll have more ways to lớn multitask, vì chưng more with your phone or tablet, plus it’s a cool trick lớn show your friends and family.

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There are several different reasons for using a computer khổng lồ control your apk device. Whether that’s playing games or apps on a bigger screen or responding lớn texts or WhatsApp messages from a computer. You can even do this to lớn play android games with a keyboard và mouse.

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Additionally, this is a great tip for business users or teachers sharing emails and presentations on the big screen. I vì this to lớn play Clash of Clans on a 30-inch monitor. You’ll find several apps with this functionality, và each one has slightly different features or controls.

Keep in mind that the thiết đặt process is different depending on which program you download. Some lượt thích Samsung’s Sidesync are simple, while others take a bit longer. & yes, most of the apps on our các mục let you control app android from a Mac too. You can even use apps like Vysor to lớn mirror apk inside the Google Chrome Browser so it works on any operating system.

Best Apps to lớn Control android from a Computer

Each of these apps will mô tả your entire android experience on a computer. Whether that’s just mirroring the display, or giving you full access to lớn send messages, control the screen, and do more with your device. You could even bởi this to play Fortnite in your living room if an game android is all you own.


First up is ApowerMirror, a powerful program that gives you absolute control over all aspects of android from a computer. This will let you mirror your android phone or tablet & control it with a keyboard and mouse. You can also use ApowerMirror to take screenshots, record your phone screen, and more.

There’s no root or jailbreak access required, & it works on any apk device. My favorite aspect is the quick connect via USB or WiFi.

Setup only takes a few minutes. Simply download the ứng dụng for both your android device và PC or Mac then launch it and follow the instructions. Connect your app android using a USB cable or lớn the same WiFi network as your computer. Open ApowerMirror on your Android and tap Start Now.

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The entire interface is clean, smooth, & easy to use. Tap on the toolbar off khổng lồ the side for tons of controls và options. Give this tiện ích a try today.

Vysor for Google Chrome

Arguably one of the most popular tools khổng lồ get android on your computer is Vysor, which does everything inside the Google Chrome browser.

And because Chrome is available on almost every operating system, you can control your apk device from a PC, Mac, ChromeOS and more. They also have a dedicated desktop app, if you don’t want lớn limit yourself to lớn the Chrome browser.


There are a few different ways to use Vysor. One is the dedicated app và desktop client, and the other is inside Chrome. When you use a browser, you’ll plug in a USB cable so your phone charges while it’s streaming app android to the PC. To lớn start, you’ll need lớn enable USB Debugging in developer options, download ADB for Windows, then get Vysor for Google Chrome.

Next, just launch the program, click OK to lớn allow the connection và plug-in the USB cable. Choose your app android device & start mirroring it right away. Personally, the dedicated app & desktop program is the best route. With Vysor, you can even mô tả control of your app android device with other people, lượt thích a friend lớn help you troubleshoot problems.

VMLite VNC Server

Another option is VMLite VNC Server, which sets up Virtual Network Computing and gives you access to your phone from anywhere. This ứng dụng is more complicated than most on our list, và it’s not free, but it’s more powerful at the same time.


Like Vysor, you’ll need to lớn enable USB debugging from developer options & set a few things up, then pay $9.99 for the tiện ích on the Google Play Store. Connect the two devices with a USB cable, run the program và it will automatically download the drivers for Windows. You’ll also need the VMLite controller app, then hit start to enjoy the service. Here’s a full thiết lập guide for those interested.

If you’re rooted, you can try DROID VNC server for miễn phí instead.

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MirrorGo is another popular choice if you want to lớn record và mirror games on Android. You can mirror your device to the PC và record everything at the same time. Then, easily upload gaming sessions to YouTube or Twitch. Even if you’re not a gamer, it’s a great option for controlling your app android phone from a computer.

Unless you’re going lớn use MirrorGo often, we recommend trying some of the others first. Not because it’s bad, but because after the miễn phí trial it costs around $6 a month. Or, just buy a 1-year subscription for $17 and save some money.


What makes MirrorGo great for gamers? Well, it offers fullscreen tư vấn in HD, mouse & keyboard support, screen capture & record, syncing game data & saves, & hotkeys for a better gaming experience. Basically, matching touchscreen controls to your keyboard. This is perfect for playing Fortnite or PUBG smartphone on a computer.

To start, download MirrorGo for Android, get the desktop program, launch them both và follow the on-screen instructions.

AirDROID Mirror

AirDROID is one of the most popular game android Emulators for PC, but that isn’t all it has to lớn offer. If you don’t want to run an emulator use AirDROID Mirror lớn stream your screen khổng lồ a PC. Like most on our list, you connect via USB or WiFi, so it’s fast và easy. Và just like Vysor, they have a Chrome extension that gives you more options and support for different operating systems.

Simply launch AirMirror inside AirDROID 3 to get started, và follow their easy khổng lồ understand instructions. We really lượt thích the option lớn control your apk device at home, or remotely, inside Google Chrome. More information is available here.

Try TIDAL không lấy phí for 30 Days

Samsung SideSync

Millions of people own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet. As a result, the company builds a suite of tools that let you vì chưng more with your phone. Và while SideSync is mainly meant lớn transfer data and files, or kiểm tra for updates, it has a mirror option too. It comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S9, so try it right now.

Download Samsung SideSync on your computer & install it on your phone from the Google Play Store if you don’t have it already. Then, just xuất hiện them both và follow the instructions. Sidesync is very user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it all set up.

Once SideSync is mở cửa on your computer and a Galaxy phone go lớn Settings and look for “presentation mode”. This is what you’ll use to mirror your Samsung Galaxy to a computer.


Additionally, if you have a Galaxy S8, Galaxy chú ý 9, or new devices like the Galaxy S10 buy Samsung’s DeX dock. This turns your phone into a full desktop experience, almost lượt thích a completely new operating system. It’s still Android, & you can control it with a keyboard and mouse. Then you don’t have lớn mirror anything. Essentially, Samsung DeX skips the need lớn bridge a PC with your phone và does everything for you.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Last but not least is TeamViewer, a program that is a long-time fan favorite. Gamers love TeamViewer, và I’ve used it in the past for tech support on a family members computer. Instead of trying lớn explain something khổng lồ someone just get remote access lớn their device & do it yourself. That’s the power of TeamViewer.


The main feature is giving someone else remote access & mirror control over your Android. That said, you can phối it up and control everything yourself too, making it an excellent alternative khổng lồ most paid programs. Download TeamViewer lớn your computer, và get the QuickSupport app for Android. Connect the two và easily access your apk devices from a computer.

With Remote Access, you can quickly control an apk device at your house while you’re at work. Perfect if you forgot a presentation, left your phone at home, or want to control some smart home products or gadgets.

Final Thoughts

These services will let you control any apk device from your computer. Some are perfect for gamers, lượt thích MirrorGo, while others have a little of everything lớn fit any users needs. Figure out what you’re trying khổng lồ do, or what task you need lớn complete, then choose one and download it today.

Once you know which android to PC service is right for you go tải về it & get started. Try playing apk games from a computer, or enjoy millions of apps on a bigger screen. While you’re here, check out this danh sách of the 100 Best apk Apps for 2019.