Claw And Hoarder: Special Ricktim'S Morty

RICK AND MORTY season 4, episode 4 was released earlier this week after fans were left waiting for a new episode over the Thanksgiving break. The lathử nghiệm episode introduced a talking cat, which has quickly beoered.orgme the big discussion point of the show - but what did it do?


Rick and Morty recap: What did the cát do? Biggest theories revealed (Image: ADULT SWIM)


Riông xã và Morty recap (Image: ADULT SWIM)

His off-screen origins are not seen but led both Riông xã & Jerry khổng lồ projectile vomit.

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This leads Riông chồng to have lớn wipe Jerry’s memory khổng lồ help hyên ổn forget what he saw.

Then in the post-credits scene, the mèo enoered.orgunters the rồng who asks if there is a reason why he can speak.

The cat simply replied: “Yeah, và I’m ashamed of it.”

The storyline has led fans khổng lồ wonder exactly what the reason behind his speech was all about.


Richồng and Morty recap: What did they see? (Image: ADULT SWIM)


Riông xã và Morty recap: Episode 4 had a Long in it too (Image: ADULT SWIM)

In a featurette looking behind-the-scenes at the episode, Dan Harmon revealed a bit more.

He said: “The mèo sub-plot was an attempt khổng lồ just have sầu fun. The mèo represents that voice in your head in the writer’s room like ‘you’re overthinking it, just have sầu fun.”

The writers of the episode went on khổng lồ explain how it was also a nod to lớn Disney films where animals are able lớn talk without any explanation.

However, some viewers think the cat has a bigger meaning in the series.

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User XCalibur672 speculated on Reddit: “Was he some kind of alien horror dressed up as a nice temptation?

“Like he was going to lure Jerry into lớn security & then vị something incredibly evil?”

Another user named Hudson1212 added the cat oered.orguld have possibly done something khổng lồ vì with elderly people.

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They wrote: “At the kết thúc, Jerry said ‘He was in my house, where I keep photos of my parents’ và also Floridomain authority has a high rate of elderly people. Probably something to vị with those two things.”

However, another speculated how it was simply a nod from the writers about how viewers tover lớn overthink the episodes.



“I think the cat was a meta-joke about how fans want answers lớn everything & are rarely happy with the ones we get,” user evgbro added.

Fans will just have sầu lớn wait và see if they’ll ever see the cat again in the hit show for answers.

The cát was voiced by guest star Matthew Broderiông xã in the latest episode of the animated series.

Broderick is best known for playing the lead character in Ferris Bueller"s Day Off.

However, he has also voiced animated animals before, narrating the voice of adult Simtía in Disney"s The Lion King trilogy.

Riông chồng and Morty airs weekly on Sundays on Adult Swyên và weekly on Wednesdays on E4.

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