weil das many coco lovers, the more cocoa there is, the better. However a new variant with 100 percent cocoa can not be called chocolate. That doesn't contain enough sugar. Not the only case von absurd regulations bei food law.


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Have you ever heard von a cocoa fruit bar?

The weird word production applies kommen sie a chocolate that should notfall be dubbed as ns manufacturer Ritter sport complains.

German food regulation prohibits this an the case.

And not because there is too little cocoa in the product - but too much.

"One hundred percent," zu be precise, together Ritter adds.

Even sugar ist not used zum sweetening, but cocoa juice.

Du schaust: Ritter sport kakao y nada

That is exactly die problem.

According to die regulations in force bei Germany, chocolate without sugar is not characterized as chocolate.

However, Ritter just uses ns juice des the cocoa pod kommen sie sweeten the neu variety - and is therefore notfall allowed zu call the bars chocolate.

"That ist absurd," says Ritter sports boss andreas Ronken.

In fact, die juice des the cocoa pod has only been permitted as a food in the eu for around a year.

The so-called Novel Food Ordinance, which permits a totality range des foods, including products made indigenous exotic plants, neu fat substitutes und additives consisting des microorganisms, fungi or algae, ist decisive weil das this.

Only 2300 bars des the non-chocolate


The cocoa regulation, which is almost twenty years old, insists that coco must contain “types of sugar”.

There are many types von chocolate available in stores and online the are dubbed “sugar-free chocolate”.

If freundin take a closer look punkt their recipes, however, lock usually included sugar substitutes that would allow them to be labeled as cacao within die meaning of the ordinance, described food lawyer katharina Gitmann-Kopilevich from die Horak rechtsanwälte law firm.

The new Ritter Sport variety under the name “Cacao warum Nada” (“Cocoa und nothing else”) will not be found bei supermarkets for the time being; in terms des price, it is more of a case weil das chocolate gourmets.

From ns beginning of February, the square bar, i m sorry weighs only 57 grams instead von the usual 100 grams, möchte only be offered an the company"s own einkaufen at the company"s headquarters in Waldenbuch and bei the online shop.

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since it can"t be dubbed chocolate, Ritter sports calls its new product "Cacao warum Nada"

Source: Ritter sports

"But only while stocks last," Ritter stressed ns shortage argument.

Because ns juice derived on a company"s very own cocoa plantation bei Central America is only enough zum 2,300 tablets, weil das which lover prices are called for at 4.99 euros each.

“A full market entry ist planned in the medium term,” assures ns company.

Lemonade can so have too wenig sugar

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Food law ist a complicated legal field, sometimes with confusing consequences zum consumers.

Last autumn, for example, the hamburg food supervisory authority said with a beverage manufacturer about whether that product might be called "lemonade".

In die opinion des the authorities, die shower did not contain sufficient sugar zu bear die name.

The oat drink manufacturer Oatly, on ns other hand, has actually started a campaign to stop the europäische union Council des Ministers" planned approval des the an ext restrictive naming von plant-based milch alternatives.

According kommen sie this, die existing packaging und marketing guidelines room misleading zum consumers.

Any reference kommen sie dairy products should therefore be prohibited an the case of plant-based alternative products, consisting of expressions such as “free of milk” or “creamy taste”.

In a inspection that the Swedish oat drink manufacturer lugged out along with GfK in Germany, only 5 percent of those surveyed claimed they had currently bought a vegetable product von mistake, and only hilfreich of castle would schutz bothered them, argues Oatly.

Ritter boss Ronken so called weil das a faster adjustment of food law to neu products.

"If sausage kann sein be do from peas, chocolate doesn"t require sugar," the said.

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only Ritter sports chocolate kann sein be square

The federal Court von Justice has ruled that only Ritter Sport tun können sell that is chocolate in square packaging.

Competitor Mondelez has been trying weil das years to schutz the registered trademark deleted.