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Put simply, a good actor ist someone who ist convincing—someone who viewers believe is actually enduring a film’s events. Deswegen perhaps that’s why deswegen many actors known for playing gangsters onscreen turn out kommen sie be shady characters offscreen, together well. Any film buff worth their salt loves a great mob movie, however these actors love mob movies deshalb much the they’ve (allegedly) live them. So if a secret accident need to befall yours important after this list hits the web, consider the following 10 goodfellas und their unsavory associates your primary suspects. Until then, I’ll it is in looking over both shoulders, investing bei a bulletproof vest, und avoiding Italian restaurants, nightclubs and, zum good measure, rowboats. Salud!

1. Lenny Montana, ns Godfather (1972)

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2. James Caan, die Godfather, die Godfather: Part ii (1974)

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Another famed die Godfather alum, james Caan zu sein known for his duty as ns hot-headed and ill-fated Sonny Corleone, ns proud owner of arguably the most iconic death scene bei gangster film history. Even Sonny’s popular music had zu admit that “Santino was a bad Don, rest in peace.” but according to ns Week, Caan himself turned out zu be, if not a good don, climate a good friend to one: bei 2011, the actor available to stand bail zum Andrew “Andy Mush” Russo, a powerful member of the Colombo crime family, after ns mobster was picked up by the FBI. Despite Caan’s market “to put nach oben anything des personal value that ns court would accept zum bail” or also “fly bei and be current if the court should deshalb request,” the presiding magistrate denied Russo’s bail, branding er “a risk to ns community” ~ hearing die underworld figure referred to as a “representante” (or “boss”) an secret recordings.

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5. Robert de Niro, ns Godfather: part II, Goodfellas, A Bronx tale (1993), analysis This (1999)

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We kid sie not—even a movie star as massive as Robert juni Niro, that handily transcends ns mob dramatisch category, has actually been unafraid to rub elbows v true-blue wiseguys. Juni Niro worked closely with so late Gambino family heavy anthony “Fat Andy” Ruggiano in preparation weil das his function in—of all films—Harold Ramis’ screwball comedy analyze This. Apparently de Niro, who ist well-known weil das his intense approach kommen sie role research, felt he required to zuerst sit down through a murderous mobster before he might properly portray neurotic, fictitious gangster paul Vitti. Ruggiano’s reputation together a gangland killer ist well-documented, greatly thanks zu his very own son: anthony Jr. Rotate on his dad during die trial of a Gambino hitman, testifying that Fat andy “did a last of work zum the family.” “He killed somebody through a fellow named Joe,” anthony Jr. Explained, über the NY täglich News. “He killed a florist bei Brooklyn. He killed three people an a warehouse that was robbing crap games. He killed somebody through me … and they had actually this guy irish Danny killed behind ns Skyway hausherrin on Conduit Boulevard.” weil das those von you maintaining score weist home, that’s 7 murders Ruggiano, who died in 1999, was allegedly associated in—he’s so infamous for having OK’d ns killing des his own son-in-law.

6. Michael Squicciarini, the Sopranos

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Only the most studious Sopranos viewers möchte recognize michael “Big Mike” Squicciarini, that briefly play low-level enforcer “Big Frank” Cippolina an the show’s 2nd season. Ns 6-foot-5, 305-pound actor, who died von natural causes an 2001, was determined zu hit it large on ns HBO lot drama: “Just provide me one year on the show—give me nine or 10 episodes—and I’ll it is in a family members name,” Squicciarini, so known together “Scuch,” told the new York Observer. However Scuch, a previous debt collector zum the DeCavalcante family—the neu Jersey lot crew ~ above which the Sopranos’ DiMeo family zu sein loosely based—who had actually spent years in prison behind many aggravated attack charges, deshalb had a back-up plan, one that would prove deadly. “Let me put it this way,” Squicciarini told ns Observer. “If die movie business doesn’t arbeit out, ich always gott something zu fall zurück on. I got my mask und gun at home.” True to his word, Squicciarini never ever quite placed his mobster previous behind him.