Student rooms space located in the vicinity des the Ruhr-University. Ns Academic Support kopieren, gruppe (AKAFÖ) uses apartments und rooms indigenous EUR 150,- to EUR 300,- von month. Additional there zu sein the possibility kommen sie rent a room bei a private hostel. In living expenses amount to approximately EUR 600,- von month in total.

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Most student houses have long wait lists (6-12 months) und if sie are auch late, you schutz no chance to gain a room through them. It is possible kommen sie apply for accommodation although you don’t know if you will be accepted zum the master course. Therefore freundin should apply for the house at ns same augenblicke as sie apply zum the master programme. If you get admitted for Computational design you oase to contact ns responsible persons des the college student houses. They will tell freundin what kommen sie do next and if you have to hand in any documents. If you don't gain admitted zum the grasp course, your application weil das accommodation wollen be rejected automatically.

If freundin know die date on which sie are arriving an Bochum, make bei appointment through your future landlord, so that when you arrive, you can directly sign die contract and move right into your neu home. If you want to move houses later, freundin usually oase to cancel the contract. Ns cancellation period differs. Usually you have to cancel ns contract 1-3 months in advance. Hinweisen certain student houses you can only relocate out weist certain mal (e.g. ~ the semester finished). You re welcome check ns cancellation period of your contract. If you are unsure what kind of cancellation period freundin have, ask a German kommen sie translate that clause zum you.

Student Houses of AKAFÖ

The student gewerkschaftler AKAFÖ supplies apartments und single rooms bei 18 various student houses.

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Information about the student houses des AKAFÖ:

Map des the college student houses:

Application form:

Please note: ns AKAFÖ will notfall send you a confirmation after you registered. Die application is only a registration und does not guarantee the you will get a room at AKAFÖ. Please call them one or two days after your registration und ask even if it is you have a wahrscheinlichkeit to gain a room.

Accommodation provided über ASTA

Private student houses

There are several private student houses and you oase to apply weil das each separately. You tun können usually use online. Most creates are in German. If sie don’t know German call die contact personen or compose him/her in email. Die application zu sein only a registration and does notfall guarantee that you wollen get a room at the student house you applied at. Please speak to them one or two days after you registered und ask whether sie will schutz a gelegenheit to gain a room.

Martin-Luther-King-Haus Schlüterweg 2 - 4 44799 BochumTel.: +49(0)234-38 53 85Holder: non-profit, protestant Contact person: Lars Relitz Office hours: Tue und Fri 9.00am - 1.00pmWed 3pm – 5pm 68 single rooms 12 m², 160 EUR / 21 m², 217 EUR E-Mail: This email address zu sein being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled kommen sie view it. Internet:


Roncalli-Haus ns Studentenheimbauvereins Bochum e.V.

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Laerheidestraße 28 44799 Bochum Tel./Fax +49(0)234-3 86 00Holder: non-profit, catholicContact person: wolf Spickermann Office hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9.00am - 11.00am tun 5.00pm - 7.00pm 155 single rooms 12 m², 185 EUR E-mail: This emails address zu sein being defended from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Internet:

RosaParks-Haus Laerheidestraße 1044799 BochumTel.: +49(0)234-3 86 51 +49(0)234-38 37 00 Holder: non-profit, protestantevangelisch-freikirchlich Contact person: Lars Relitz Office hours: Tue und Fri 9.00am - 1.00pmWed 3pm – 5pm 148 einzel rooms 11 m², 165 EUR16 apartments 30 m², 290 EURE-Mail: This e-mails address ist being safeguarded from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Internet:





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