Watch rurouni kenshin: the legend ends

With the world closing in on him, the legendary ex-assassin Kenshin will have to lớn look inside himself and revisit his roots to find the strength he needs lớn protect his friends and end Shishio’s reign of terror once & for all.

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DirectorsKeishi OhtomoStarringTatsuya Fujiwara, J. Michael Tatum, Takeru SatohGenresDrama, International, ActionSubtitlesNone available
Supporting actorsChristopher SabatProducersSatoshi Fukushima, William Ireton, Hiroyoshi Koiwai, Keizô ShukuzakiStudioGiant ApePurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable khổng lồ watch on supported devices
LiveAsRxReviewed in the United States on July 27, 2017

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ENGLISH DUB ONLY!!!! I"m pissed I can"t watch this is in Japanese with English subs. The dubbing ruins this movie. I rated this 5 stars because the movie itself is amazing but really dropped the ball here only limiting the viewing experience in Dub...
Paul S. PersonReviewed in the United States on December 29, 2021
This is the start of a 3-film series about a Samurai who, during the Meiji Restoration, acted in secret as an assassin. Và then quit when the Meiji defeated the Shogun. I saw the "Original Japanese" version, which is in Japanese with burned-in (not selectable/deselectable) English subtitles.About 10 years later, he reappears as a "rorouni", who (apparently) travels about helping common folk solve problems with his "reverse sword" (it has the sharp edge on the opposite side khổng lồ what is normal, so, when he fights normally, he stuns but does not cut his opponents).The first film had him going up against a high-level drug dealer, who he defeated. This guy, it turns out, is part of the real villain"s band and we get lớn see him smirking away again.The second film revealed the real villain, who is trying khổng lồ conquer the country & remove the Meiji from power. Our hero dives off a ship to lớn save his sweetie rather than fight the villain at the end. Well, gotta save /something/ for the third film!The story continues with the recovery of our anh hùng and his training being completed by his master. His sweetie is eventually discovered as well. The villain convinces the government lớn declare our anh hùng an outlaw. Since he has an ironclad warship that he uses lớn bombard fishing towns, they are inclined to vị this -- very slowly, while they plan their response, which involves artillery. Naturally, our nhân vật responds by going after the villain.At any rate, the plot develops & the fighting continues. And the final conflict with the villain is well worth seeing -- he fights off four attackers at once! & would probably have won, except for one small problem, a most impressive special effect.Recommended to those who like this genre.