Samsung galaxy s7 edge apps

There are tons des recommended app that you kann sein install top top your android device kommen sie get a rich android experience. You can deshalb customize your android device in different ways that sie want making use of themes, Launchers, wallpapers etc. Layers ist one von the most friendly und easy zu use app which can be used kommen sie customize every part von Android. This goes zum all android smartphones and tablets. But wie you oase device favor S7 or S7 Edge, we recommend 3 must have apps that you must download on her device zu increase that performance und features.

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Optimized-Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

These are die apps which space specifically designed zum Samsung tools which i’m sure you’re gonna love’em. Dafür let’s acquire started,


Enable Unknown Sources zum Sideloading android Apps

Don’t go on the benennen as the not bei app the locks your device instead an excellent Lock enhances ns lockscreen UI, rapid settings and notifications. This app comes from die house of Samsung und is especially designed zum Samsung devices. Ideal way zu install this app on sie S7 is to sideload the app using the APK file von enabling Unknown sources from settings (See screenshots). As soon as installed sie must reboot her s7 device. Wie device reboots, the fist point you möchte notice ist a list des shortcuts at ns bottom von the lock screen


Good Lock zum Samsung to Customize lock Screen

The an excellent lock app deeply integrates with die system und matches colors des the status bar. You kann sein change ns dropdown notice panel there is no downloading any kind of themes from the theme store. The lock screen ist highly customizable und you can choose to include specific widgets, notifications and app shortcuts according kommen sie your convenience.


Good Lock App

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One drawback von this app is that it is not completely compatible v 3rd splitterpartei themes und you might have to uninstall the or you might challenge some UI crashes. This anwendung is encourage for an advanced android user as a couple of UI crashes won’t stroked nerves you.

2. EasyHome for Samsung

easyHome for Samsung is in interesting app which every S7 user should install und get rid des pressing die home button all the time. Once you schutz installed and activated ns easyHome app, freundin need not oase to niederdrücken your phone’s Home button anymore. All you have to do ist touch that slightly choose the back or ns recent anwendung keys und it will be all. Finest part, no root zu sein required.



You can so configure long press gesture kommen sie lock ns phone or start any app or camera or jump to the last app used. This ist something samsung should oase provided von default. Anyways, now you understand how kommen sie do this.

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3. Anwendung Lock: Fingerprint&Password

App Lock: Fingerprint&Password is a complimentary must have und a most vital security app, freundin must install on your samsung Galaxy S7. The fingerprint app enables you zu add a layer des security on your Galaxy S7 utilizing which you kann sein lock your private apps choose WhatsApp and Gallery. A big thanks to Samsung’s offen fingerprint API und the android Marshmallow upgrade which enables you to unlock apps using die fingerprint sensor on the home button.

The app so allows you kommen sie lock apps utilizing a pen or password as in alternative and backup, if von any chance you are not able to use your fingerprint kommen sie unlock ns particular app.

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