Samsung galaxy s9 lila

ns crossed-out prices are those given von your seller and correspond one of two people to die manufacturer"s recommended new price or to the average new price uncovered at die various distributors.

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the crossed-out prices space those given von your seller und correspond either to ns manufacturer"s recommended neu price or to die average new price uncovered at the various distributors.



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Express shipment from $30.00 Returns till Jan. 31st 12 month refurbisher vouch 6 oz of e-waste prevented
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 | Brilliant bei the dark Our doppel Aperture F2.4/F1.5 lens adjusts kommen sie let more light an when needed, enabling you zu capture the right amount of light, job or night The emoji that"s actually you v Augmented Reality, you tun können create in emoji library from nur one picture. Personalize messages zu your friends through emojis that look just like you. Experience audio brilliance Hear the action crisper und louder on die stereo speaker tuned von AKG. They sell pure sound that"s 1.4x more than ahead Galaxy phones. Clear surround sound. stereotype speakers pro-tuned by AKG bring you clearer und louder sound.? endure surround sound with Dolby Atmos, putting you at die center von the activity Unlock with a look usage both the iris Scanner und Facial recognition to offen your call quickly and easily. Intelligent Scan now allow you to unlock her device, even if you’re in the dark or an bright light. Keep that all. gain over 6x much more storage v a 400GB MicroSD card* and have peace von mind discovering you’ll never ever run out von room zum videos, photos, und files wie man you need it most. Charge fast Avoid die wires und power trost quickly by placing your phone top top a schon fast Wireless Charger.

Galaxy S9 plus - 64 GB - Lilac violet - Unlocked

Manufacturing teil numbers (MPN) : SM-G965 shade : Lilac Purple zu sein the phone call Unlocked or tied kommen sie a carrier? : Unlocked GSM screen size (inches) : 6.2 warehouse : 64 GB storage : 6 GB modell : Galaxy S9 to add Megapixels : 12 OS : android Resolution : 2960 x 1440 Network : GSM Release date : march 2018 Processor rate : 2.8 GHz Processor feuer : Qualcomm SDM845 Connector : USB-C + Jack 3.5mm Double sim : No Manufacturer Ref. : SM-G965U release Year : 2018 Memory map Slot : Yes at & t compatible : yes Verizon compatible : No acceleration Compatible : No T-Mobile compatible : Yes collection : Galaxy S in brand geraten : samsung Weight : 6 oz elevation : 7 in Width : 3 in Depth : 1 in

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