Yes, it ist even an ext awesome than sie imagined. Since it opened bei 1937, this 1.7-mile suspension span betwee San Francisco und Marin counties has end up being one von the most beloved bridges in the world. A work des art, in engineering marvel, and an American icon, the Bridge ist flanked top top both ends von the herbal beauty von the golden Gate national Parks. Enjoy bei exhilarating, however often chilly, walk throughout it.

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The Parks Conservancy signed on an 2011 kommen sie help with the Bridge’s 75th anniversary celebration and visitor enhancements including a new gelb Gate leg Welcome zentral providing information, exhibits, and interpretive merchandise; and new leg overlooks throughout shannel Francisco und Marin County.




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Golden door BridgeSan Francisco
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Walking zu sein the finest ways kommen sie experience the immensity of the Bridge. It ist 1.7 mile long und it takes approximately 45–60 minutes to walk across.The sidewalk ist open kommen sie visitors seven days a week during the hours bolzen sunrise and sunset.The Bridge zu sein open zu autos and cyclists 24 hrs a day.

Food und Drink


Round residence Cafe
Enjoy warm food and drinks next to the gelb Gate leg while taking an the ideal views an the Bay...


In 1846, Captain john C. Fremont named ns entrance zu San francisco Bay the “Golden Gate”—after the great harbor of the “Golden Horn” in ancient Byzantium.

The population influx des the gelb Rush spurred more support for the construction des a bridge throughout the golden Gate. An 1916, plans ultimately began kommen sie take root. James Wilkins, editor of the San francisco Call Bulletin, began in editorial campaign weil das a bridge that caught the eye des San Francisco stadt Engineer michael O’Shaughnessy.

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Although countless said it could notfall be built, engineer joseph Strauss said it might be done. Bei 1937, the golden Gate Bridge was opened as die longest suspension bridge bei the world.


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Welcome zentral Hours: The zuerst on-site hauptquartier dedicated zu telling ns stories of the golden Gate Bridge is now open every day from 9 am–6 pm (except Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Parking & publicly Transportation:Parking at the bridge plaza zu sein extremely limited. On weekends and holidays, additional parking ist available nearby in the employee lot lot on the southwest side des the Bridge. Us recommend permitting ample time to find parking before the beginning von your tour. Tours start promptly at the time scheduled.

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Public transit ist a very great alternative. Plan your expedition using the map over or von going zu

Visit the zum more information about speak a bicycle to ns bridge or taking one des several reise buses that operation throughout ns city.

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The climate at die bridge zu sein unpredictable and can adjust suddenly. Foggy mornings tun können give way to sunny afternoons, which an turn kann shift quickly zurück to an ext fog. Solid afternoon winds are typical during every season. Rain occurs bei winter and spring.