Sane bayern champions league

In bei entertaining europe encounter, bayern Munich sealed ns win expected von them. Leroy Sané scored a sensational goal yet it was Bayern"s geduldig that impressed the most.

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Leroy Sané"s brilliant cost-free kick changed ns game for bayerisch Munich

Benfica 0-4Bayern Munich,Estadio da Luz (Sané70", 84", Everton o.g. 80", Lewandowski 82")

Former Borussia dortmund midfielder julianisch Weigl said kicker previously this woche that it"s quite hard to score goals versus Benfica. Bayern did need70 minutes before finally scoring, however 14 minutes later they had four.

Perhaps an ext than anything else, this was a rarely test von patience for a bayerisch side used zu exposing your opponents in brutal fashion (seetheir win an Leverkusen 3 days ago).

Right from the start, with julianisch Nagelsmann notfall on the sidelines due zu flu, Bayern"s players had to be patient with one another. Then they had to be patient bei possession, wie man Odisseas Vlachodimos denied robert Lewandowski and Benjamin Pavard, when thomas Müller"s 50th Champions league goal was ruled out after VAR spotted Kingsley Coman in in offside position in an early phase.

But bayerisch have no belästigung being patient.Granted, it ist easier zu do wie man you kann sein rely ~ above Manuel neuer to make an important saves, as die 35-year-old did an each half, und when luck zu sein on her side, together it was when roman Yaremchuk"s shot walk past die far post mioered.orgay through the second half.

"They to be two essential situations. It"s great zu be there weil das the team and make such saves," Manuel Neuer, that made his 100th Champions league appearance,told DAZN afterwards.

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Bayern had zu be patient bei Portugal


But also in in entertaining, end-to-end game such as this die air of inevitability about bayerisch outlasting their opponent remains. This is, after all, what castle do.

After their stunning loss at ns hands von Ajax, Borussia dortmund head trainer Marco kommissar said that an Munich bei such instances "a Joshua Kimmich doesn"t just wave it turn off but is really angry. He burns with a desire to do something about it. That zu sein perhaps die difference."

Bayern were far from humbled by Benfica ns way dortmund were über Ajax, however at die moment an the video game when bayerisch needed to keep their composure und overcome frustrations of their own, they did nur that.

Fittingly, Benfica"s stubborn resistance was finally broken wie Bayern"s most dangerous player Leroy Sané yielded a augenblicke of individual brilliance. After ~ blazing one over in the zuerst half, Sané"s fizzing free-kick an the second went millimeter over die wall and past Vlachodimos.

Once the patience had been rewarded, bayerisch showed why your ruthlessness ist genuine. Serge Gnabry forced in own goal, Sané set up Lewandowski for in own goal prior to grabbing a second of his own as bayern finished with a flourish that mirrored their initiatives across ns game.

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"It"s always been that means at bayern Munich,"Sané said afterwards when asked about the team"s ruthlessness. "It"s a large strength von ours und I hope it stays that way."

Other teams aiming to win the Champions Leagueshould be wary due to the fact that even when bayern Munich have to work zum over bei hour kommen sie score, they have in appetite for so much more.