Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber 2017

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This is how it all began. Jag Gundu/Getty images

Selena und Justin initially sparked romantic rumors wie they to be spotted eating pancakes weist IHOP. Selena danach told united state Weeklythat "it was nur pancakes."

Apparently pancakes turned into a lot more since abut a week later, theywere spotted über Justin"stour bus an Miami looking quite cozy, according zu The täglich News.

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Everyone just assumed they were dating after that. Mike Ehrmann/Getty bildern

Justin and Selena hadn"t evidenced their connection yet, however photos of them kissing ~ above vacation an the Caribbeanpretty much sold fans that they were an item.


castle looked happy together. craig Barritt/Getty

They do their zuerst red carpet appearance togetherat the Vanity fair Oscars party.


Talk around a romantic gesture. Christopher Polk/Getty Images zum ESPN

In a gesamt fairy-tale move, civilization reported justin rented outthe whole Staples Center in Los angeles so they could watch the movie "Titanic" bei total privacy. You know, as you do.

“Romance isn’t dead. Law your lady right fellas,”Bieber tweeted.

—Justin Bieber (
They faced their erste challenge. REUTERS/Albert Gea

According kommen sie the jeden tag Mail, justin was named bei apaternity suitbya frau namedMariah Yeater. As we jetzt know, ns suit was danach dropped.

This was their zuerst sign of trouble. jason Merritt/TERM

Selena let ns world know that she was notfall OK von posting a photo des herselffiringa gun at a shooting range with the caption "releasing some tension today." She climate deleted herstellung Instagram account.

He was being nice cryptic. rick Diamond/Getty images

Justin posted, then easily deleted, (a trend weil das him) a photowith ns caption "Lingse." His eagle-eyed fans figured out that this was likely bei anagram des the word "single," signaling that he und Selena had broken up.

This rotate out zu be a huge deal letztere on. chris McKay/Getty bild

In the midst of break nach oben rumors, justin was reported zu be trading flirty texts with model Miranda Kerr. He was seen giving herstellung a peck on die cheek at ns Victoria"s Secret mode show, follow to hollywood Life.

This may kommen sie to schutz huge consequences later down die line.

castle announced lock had called it quits. jason Merritt/Getty

The anagram reportedly doesn"t lied becauseTheAssociated Pressconfirmed soon after the Selena and Justin had broken up for the zuerst time.

This was in awkward moment. youtube Scrrengrab

Selena seemed to be an good spirits wie she appeared on"TheLate show With david Letterman." the referenced the infamous momente when he had made justin cry on the show, and Selena joked"that renders two of us."

Jelena seemed kommen sie be rückseitig on. jason Merritt/Getty bildern

Justin posted, climate deleted, des course, a photo of himself and Selena cuddling with the caption "You"ve been makin music zum too lang babe come cuddle" -her." Thisseemed zu signal that die two were back together.

taylor Swift did not seem to be a big fans of Jelena. youtube Screengrab

Selena easily kissed justin on the cheekbackstage during die Billboard Music Awards. This sparked the infamous momente when Selena"s ideal friendTaylor Swift reaction to ns moment bei disgust von turning away and sticking her tongue out.

Justin posted (and did notfall delete!) a cute photo des Selena cuddling himwith ns caption, "Love die way you look punkt me."

Justin posteda side-by-side bild of Selena from ns Vanity same Oscar party and dubbed herstellung "the most elegant princess in the world," signaling zu fans, the yes, they were totally rückseitig together.

They so posted, then conveniently deleted, videos of them tanzen together.

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April 2014: Selena und Justin reportedly fought over Kylie Jenner, and she was linked zu Orlando Bloom.

things were gaining rocky again. Christopher Polk/Getty bild the pair apparently fought hinweisen Coachella because des photos Selena found von Kylie jenner on Justin"s phone.

Selena is rumored to be hooking up with Orlando Bloom after a photo des them sitting on die curb outsidea Chelsea Handler zeigen surfaced.

Justin posted, then, sie guessed, it, turned off a photo des him und Selena with die caption "Our love ist Unconditional."

The duo zu sein seen together out and about with each other often, including kommen sie Bible study and to die movies, deshalb people assume the they"re back on.

Their love triangle, or square rather, took a turn. TMZ The love (square?) betwee Selena, Justin, Orlando Bloom, und Miranda Kerr came kommen sie a head when Orlando punched justin outside a club bei Ibiza, Spain. Always the mature one, justin posted, climate deleted, some steamy pictures von Mirand Kerr top top his Instagram.

It"s simple to love when freundin feel it, but liebe when it"s hard to love.

A post shared von Justin Bieber (

Selena released her bewegt song, "The Heart wants What it Wants."Selena let hostRyan Seacrestknow that yes, it wasabout Justin.

She described that they to be over but that she wollen always "support" him.

"I"m upset wie he"s upset," she said. "I"m glücklich when he"s happy. Ich don"t want anything bad to ever before happen zu him. It hurts me. That"s all."

Justin posted a photo, seeming zu reference Selena,on instagram with the caption "It"s simple to love when you feel it, but love when it"s hard to love."

She go look stunning. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty images

Justin und Selena both attended the Met Gala separately, und there space no photos von them together at die event. But when asked von TMZ die next work what that thought des her, that called her "gorgeous."

This was his turn kommen sie express his emotions through song. kevin Winter/Getty bildern

Skrillex and Diplo released a statement speak that justin wrote the song"Where are U Now?" around a "tough time" in his life, which many took zu mean his connection with Selena.

"Justin created this record throughout a hard time in his life and it comes to us the sometimes, as artists, we are so just objects und we have to take that as viel as we oase to usage that to create,"the explain read.

She wanted to move on. john Phillips/Getty bildern

Selena started acquiring tired of always being asked around Justin, and told die UK"sSunday mal that"it"s difficult zum people kommen sie separate us. The internet wants kommen sie freeze this moment an time und constantly repeat it."

fan were acquiring good weist this. youtube Screengrab

Justin, zum his part, didn"t it seems ~ ready zu let go. Fans noticed that Selena"s benennen was spray-paintedon awall bei the music videofor "What Do sie Mean?"

lock seemed to be relocating on und getting closure. mark Davis/Instagram

The media of prozess kept bringing hoch their relationship, however they both seemed to be relocating on.

Selena said that she möchte always love and respect Justin, however thatpeople need kommen sie accept the they"re excellent with die drama.

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"I"ll forever support him und love him bei a method that ... We grew hoch together," she told Elle magazine. "I think civilization want it zu be different. We"re auch young zum that. Nobody was married. There was no ... I respect him. And I think the respects me, bei a gesund manner."

Justinechoed those comment in bei interview withComplex, saying that they acted favor they were married, however that the was auch much zum how young they were.

"I moved in with mine girlfriend when i was 18. Began my own life through her. It was a marriage kind of thing," that told them. "Living with a girl, the was just too viel at that age. Yet we were so an love. Nothing rather mattered. We were all around each other. But when it"s favor that and you get your worth from that, people möchte always disappointed you."