General outcomes Sennheiser CX-400 ii

typical impedance : 19.17 ohm ns type of acoustic design: close up door Headphone: Low-impedance Type of headphones: In-Ear or tablet computer

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weil das Sennheiser CX-400 ii available compensation und emulation of the frequency response in the Vacuum pipe player. based on measurements von Reference Audio Analyzer.
This zu sein a simplified report zum non-professional customers ("dummies"), poorly versed bei the headphones characteristics und specialized graphs. in this report, information is presented together simply und clearly as possible. Translate of data is maximally simplified, and, accordingly, devoid des subtleties and nuances. This zu sein sufficient for in overall assessment, but weil das a much more complete and accurate presentation should be thought about a professional form report . über possible, die characteristics room accompanied by explanations zu do reader possibility slowly master a more complex professional report of Sennheiser CX-400 II.
weil das example wie man choosing a videobilien card, many civilization do notfall understand ns set von tables with ns final säule of the prüfen packages. How to understand ns relative difference bei these figures? in most cases, die unprepared reader is satisfied with only die textual evaluation von the author, there is no delving into die figures. When die choice von a product ist done thoroughly, then ns reader progressively deepens into facility tables, mastering information from simple zu complex. We made two separate reports: "simple" and "complex". A straightforward report v explanatory comments wollen allow you kommen sie self-study to gradually understand and professional report.

evaluation with recommendations zum Sennheiser CX-400 ii headphones based on the measured characteristics

Analysis and recommendations zum Sennheiser CX-400 ii based on die measured characteristics
Sources (to which die headphones möchte be connected) Areas des using headphones Sensitivity Impedance The type des acoustic design Total
126.08 dB/V SPL 19.17 ohm Closed
Low-power sources -18dBV/6dB(mA), S/N 105 dB: a smartphone a player a tablet Examples Home or studio, where sound from ns headphones does notfall bother anyone 5★★★★★5★★★★★1★☆☆☆☆3.7★★★☆☆
Office and home, where human being should not hear the sound from ns headphones 5★★★★★5★★★★★5★★★★★5.0★★★★★
Street with energetic traffic 4★★★★☆5★★★★★1★☆☆☆☆3.3★★★☆☆
Metro (subway), publicly transport 3★★★☆☆4★★★★☆5★★★★★4.0★★★★☆
Mid-power sources 6dBV/30dB(mA), S/N 120 dB: a computer system with sound card a Hi-Fi player a portable amplifier a mixer console examples Home or studio, whereby sound from ns headphones does notfall bother anyone 5★★★★★5★★★★★1★☆☆☆☆3.7★★★☆☆
Metro (subway), public transport 5★★★★★5★★★★★5★★★★★5.0★★★★★
Recording a voice or instrument in the studio 5★★★★★5★★★★★5★★★★★5.0★★★★★
Hi-power resources 18dBV, S/N 120 dB: a home system with a headphone amplifier examples Home or studio, whereby sound from ns headphones does not bother anyone 4★★★★☆5★★★★★1★☆☆☆☆3.3★★★☆☆
Office and home, where civilization should notfall hear ns sound from die headphones 4★★★★☆5★★★★★5★★★★★4.7★★★★☆

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ns table shows die most common "typical" headphones and the field des application von headphones with bei amplifier. die compatibility rating zu sein similar zu car analysis von its clearance. Wie we understand clearance we can estimate which type von road wollen optimally weil das that car without assessing the class of die car. On a gyeongju car des Formula 1 is difficult zu drive top top a floor road. Ns same foolish idea kommen sie use caterpillar all-terrain auto on a highway. Detailed description formula des the table des headphones zu assess ns sencivity of headphones und the compatibility von the amp part, we assume that die user will aufführen to music punkt a loudness level of 90 dB SPL. Depending on external conditions, this volume level varies und we estimate the conditions under which ns sound source will play in a high-quality mode, and an which problems there möchte be listen a lack of volume level, unnecessary distortions or other negativ factors.
the Sennheiser CX-400 ii headphones space made v closed-type acoustic design. early to the closed type die headphones schutz passive noise isolation und for ns surrounding public die headphones play viel quiet than weil das the listener. Außen sounds zum the listener zu sein on die same quiet level. Headphones v noise isolation are good zum home, wie you need not to disturb others while listening kommen sie music. It"s good an a noisy office, enabling you notfall to it is in distracted. In noisy fahrzeug playing music in such headphones zu sein more safe zum hearing, because due kommen sie noise isolation it ist possible to listen to music at an average or quiet volume. An the studio, when recording vocals or instruments on a microphone, ns closed headphones fit best; Sound from die "minus" von the headphones will not get into the microphone. Headphones with noise isolation are dangerous zu use top top the street with energetic traffic.

ns sensitivity des the Sennheiser CX-400 ii headphones ist 126.08 dB/V SPL über the voltage und 108.90 dB/mW SPL von the power. Ns sensitivity über voltage reflects the relative "loudness" von the headphones amongst others - the higher is the value, ns louder are the headphones. The sensitivity von power reflects ns efficiency des the headphones. High sensitivity of the headphones method less energy need from die source (for portable devices - less power from ns battery). depending on ns sensitivity, headphones are best to use v sources des optimum power. If the source is too powerful, climate there zu sein a high probability of constantly hearing background noise. If source power is weak, there wollen be insufficient volume level. bei a quiet environment for the Sennheiser CX-400 II, an amplifier with a voltage level of at least -22.08 dBV weist 19 Ohms zu sein recommended for listening zu music v a level von 90 dB SPL (without noise isolation). In amplifier with a level over 15.92 dBV zu sein not desirable if ns volume control zu sein digital, not analog. for noisy environments, bei amplifier v a voltage level von at least -10.08 dBV hinweisen a load des 19.17 ohms ist desirable.
If freundin want to listen to music weist a different volume level, you nur need to add or subtract a change in dB kommen sie 90 dB SPL (for example, for a preferred level von 105 dB SPL, add 15 dB and the minimum voltage level weil das the amplifier ist -22.08 dBV + 15 dB = -7.08 dBV).

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the average resistance at ns headphones Sennheiser CX-400 ii is 19.17 Ohm. the resistance affects die amount of current that the amplifier should provide to die headphones. If die current zu sein not enough, ns sound quality möchte deteriorate, beginning with harsh in the sound und ending through a crackling. In most cases, hinweisen low existing values, ns amplifiers operate bei comparable high quality to class A, and as ns current level rises, ns quality decreases toward AB, B, und the trimming zone. Imagine the you have a water tank, which slowly fills through water. Die voltage from ns amplifier this ist the press with which ns pump paint, etc water from ns reservoir. If ns inflow of water in the tank ist lower than die volume that the pump pumps out, climate at the pump outlet we collect water and "bubbles". Similarly möchte be with die sound from ns headphones, which space lacked die current from ns amplifier. for a quiet environment, in amplifier with bei output existing level of at least 4.11 mA in a given klasse of quality ist desirable (preferably orientated to comparable klasse A) and 16.35 mA zum loud.