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Ex-girlfriover Kangta revealed cheated on Woo Joo Ahn"s Mã Sản Phẩm, apparently Seo Jang Hoon"s ex-wife - Oh Jung Yeon, who is a former wife of Seo Jang Hoon, revealed that she had a relationship with Kangta, who had an affair behind her with Woo Joo Ahn.

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Kangta recently reportedly been in a relationship with two women at the same time, actress Jung Yoo Mi & sexy Model Woo Joo Ahn. The H.O.T personnel clarified that he had indeed dated Woo Joo Ahn, but their relationship was over.On Friday (2/8), TV personality Oh Jung Yeon uploaded a post on Instagram in the form of a screenshot of a search list containing the names of Kangta & Woo Joo Ahn. This post also made the public assume that he had been in a relationship with Kangta then was seconded lớn Woo Joo Ahn.View more on Instagram
"If I"ve been dating someone for half a year & meeting them every day, và then I find my partner in bed with another woman? This is of course surprising."If that person, who said they were going to bed early but secretly spent time with another woman, had to appear confidently? The surprise was doubled."Besides, is that couple someone I consider an idol since I was young? This has a huge impact that makes everything in the world that I see, hear and believe sầu feels false."This is something I experienced myself two years ago. And after that I was very hurt và suffered for a long time."I managed to lớn overcome it & have lived happily, but yesterday & today the names of the two men have sầu appeared in the ranking of real time tìm kiếm, và after I saw it, the nightmare returned to me clearly."Shameless people who make others cry blood must be punished, but they will not handle it as if there is no problem and continue to lớn work ... Is there no point in hoping for a world where there is justice?"Previously, Woo Joo Ahn uploaded a Clip of herself kissing Kangta on Instagram, but immediately deleted it. SM clarified that they broke up many years ago và Woo Joo Ahn said that she had reversed recently with Kangta. On Friday (2/8), both Woo Joo Ahn and Kangta confirmed that they had broken up.On the other hvà, Oh Jung Yeon is known as Seo Jang Hoon"s ex-wife, one of the permanent members of "Ask Us Anything". They divorced in 2012 after being married for 3 years.Source: wowkeren.com