How To Set Google Chrome As Default Browser?

If you use Chrome almost exclusively, it"s a good idea khổng lồ make it your default browser on all your devices.

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If you use Chrome for all your browsing sessions, it’s a good idea lớn make Chrome the mặc định browser on all your devices. This way, Chrome retains your browsing history & passwords on your computer, smartphone, và tablet.

You can make Chrome your mặc định browser on nearly any device, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Here, we"ll show you how to bởi vì just that.

Make Chrome Your mặc định Browser on Windows

Edge doesn’t have lớn be your default browser just because you use Windows. Luckily, you can get rid of that browser, & make Chrome your default browser on your Windows computer.

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Here’s how you vì chưng that in various versions of the Windows operating system.

Changing the default Browser in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can use the newly introduced Settings phầm mềm to change the default apps for various files. This includes your website browsers as well.

Here’s how khổng lồ use the Settings phầm mềm to make Chrome your mặc định browser:

xuất hiện the Start Menu và click the Cog icon. This will xuất hiện the Settings app. Click Apps, & then select Default apps on the left. Click the current mặc định web browser under Web browser.

Make Chrome your mặc định browser on Windows 10
Choose Google Chrome from the menu on your screen.

Changing the mặc định Browser in Windows 8 or Earlier

In Windows 8 or below, you need khổng lồ use the Control Panel khổng lồ change the mặc định apps. Here’s how khổng lồ use the Control Panel khổng lồ make Chrome your default browser: video OF THE DAY
mở cửa the Control Panel using the Start menu. Click Programs, and then select Default Programs. Click Set your mặc định programs.

Make Chrome your mặc định browser on Windows 8 or earlier
Select Google Chrome on the left. Click Set this program as the default. Hit Ok to confirm your choice. Google Chrome is now the default browser on your Windows computer.

Make Chrome Your default Browser on macOS

Although Safari is the mặc định browser on macOS, it doesn’t cut it for many users—even for táo bị cắn dở fans. If you’re looking for a change, here’s how lớn switch khổng lồ Chrome on your Mac:

xuất hiện Google Chrome, click the three dots in the top-right, và select Settings. Click Default browser on the left.

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Make Chrome your mặc định browser on macOS
On the right, you’ll see a button that says Make default. Click this button to make Chrome the mặc định browser.
If the button doesn’t appear, it means Chrome is already your mặc định web browser.

Make Chrome Your mặc định Browser on tiện ích ios (iPhone/iPad)

Up until game ios 14, you didn’t have a choice but to lớn be stuck with Safari as your mặc định browser. However, with the release of quả táo 14, you can now make any browser your mặc định browser on your iPhone or iPad.

If you run game ios 14, follow these steps lớn make Chrome your default link opener:

xuất hiện the Settings app on your tiện ích ios device. Tap Chrome in the list. Tap Default Browser App. Select Chrome on the resulting screen.

Chrome should now xuất hiện all your liên kết on your ios device.

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Make Chrome Your default Browser on Android

Most app android phones ship with Chrome as their mặc định browser. However, if yours is not one of them, here’s how you change that:

mở cửa Settings and tap Apps & notifications. Tap Default apps lớn view your default apps. Select the Browser app option.

Image Gallery (2 Images)
Default apps on Android
Choose Chrome to lớn be your default browser. That’s all. Chrome will now handle all of your web URLs.

Let Chrome Manage Web liên kết on All Your Devices

If you like Chrome, you should mix it as your default browser. The above guide should help you vì chưng that, allowing all websites to xuất hiện in your favorite browser.

Whether you use Chrome for its customizability, varied extensions, or convenience, setting it as your default browser can give you access lớn all of these great features, no matter where you are.

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