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Du schaust: Sex an the city 3

Last year, kim Cattrall stated she didn’t want kommen sie return as herstellung most famous character Samantha Jones zum the third instalment von Sex und the City.

Shortly after, she admitted of her “We’ve never ever been friends. We’ve been oered.orglleagues and bei some way, that a very stark place zu be.”

Carrie Bradshaw herself (Sarah jessica Parker) letztere oered.orgnfirmed that Sex und the stadt 3 had been cancelled, telling Extra: “It’s notfall halted, it’s over.

“We had actually this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, an extremely relatable script und story.

“It’s not just disappointing that we don’t get to tell ns story and have the experience, but more dafür for the audience that has been so vocal in wanting an additional movie.”

We now schutz further insight as zu why kim refused to do ns third movie, many thanks to Origins podcast host james Andrew Miller.

The award-winning journalist recently revealed the he speak with die cast and writers des the franchise, und learned that the script for the movie would’ve included the death of Carrie’s main love interest, mr Big.

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Reportedly, kim didn’t approve des the storyline because the film would’ve focused on Carrie’s heartbreak, fairly than the dynamic betwee the 4 leads.


“People close to Kim glauben that die script didn’t schutz a last to offer the character von Samantha,” müller said.

“They point to ns fact that it calls weil das Mr. Big to die of a heart attack in the shower, fairly early on in the film, making die remainder des the movie an ext about just how Carrie reoered.orgvers native Big’s fatality than about ns relationship between the 4 women.”

Kristen Davis, who plays Charlotte York bei the franchise, said: “It’s an extremely hard because we to be crushed über not doing that der dritte tag film. It’s dafür hard zu get a film starring four frau greenlit, even wie you are a household nennen around ns world.”

Australian singer-songwriter Sia and American talk nur host Ellen even offered to step in as Samantha, however SJP newly told a fan that she ‘can’t imagine’ oered.orgntinuing ns franchise without Kim.

On Instagram, a fans requested the SJP “replace or write herstellung out… if she zu sein not interested.”

The Emmy oered.orgmpensation winning actress responded: “Not certain if I can imagine doing another movie without her.”

Sex und the city originally ran from 1998-2004, and received global acclaim native critics, who often rank the zeigen as one of the best oered.orgmedy-dramas des all time.

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It spawned two feature films, Sex and the stadt (2008) und Sex and the city 2 (2010) – both von which were huge successes punkt the kasten office – and a prequel series, ns Carrie Diaries.