Sex and the city musik

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The “do-do-do-do,” die tutu, the neu York stadt skyline — this was how we zuerst met Carrie Bradshaw, lang before the heroine ever before busted out bei “I couldn’t assist but wonder.” Nearly 20 years later, the collective brains behind the six-season phenomenon think back on developing that indelible main-title sequence.

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Darren Star: I was really inspired by the That mädchen main title, i beg your pardon told die story des Anne marie coming to neu York, and I believed about die Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ich wanted kommen sie give a sense of the character, call a wenig bit des a story, und let die audience recognize that Carrie was never going zu take herself auch seriously.

Before scenes to be shot, composer Douglas Cuomo take it a crack punkt what would become die famed main-title Sex and the city theme. Stern asked weil das something sexy und sophisticated, to let the audience know it was okay zu laugh.

Douglas Cuomo: I was given a rough storyboard — it was a cartoon where ns women walk from brunch zu shoe purchase and, later, bei art museum. Ich went zu Virgin Records und found ns “Space-Age Bachelor Pad” music section and thought that can work, so I rental a drummer and saxophone player for the demo and had around 10 days to do it. The music had actually sections because des the scenes in the storyboard, und right before i played it bei a meeting v Darren, the said, “Oh, we’re not doing that anymore!” The lied was 37 seconds, however it seemed prefer it took in hour to play with — i was really nervous. When you’re playing music for someone, you have no idea whether it’s ns greatest or worst point ever. ~ Darren heard it once, that said, “You hit a house run.” That almost never happens. His only klasse was to make the a wenig longer, deswegen I make that wenig climbing teil at the ende a wenig longer, which made it much more effective.

Star: I want a Latin, cocktail-themed vibe, und I love Doug’s lied the second i heard it. It’s very, an extremely infectious. It captured exactly the feeling that i wanted.

Cuomo: zum the real song, ich had a bass player, drummer, saxophone player, percussionist and pianist. We videotaped the das lied near the Empire state Building.

Star: You know, the zeigen really wasn’t that renowned the first season — that was kind of slow to catch on. I remember driving approximately L.A. Playing die theme song in my car und wondering if anyone was going kommen sie recognize it.

With ns music nailed down, star came nach oben with a premise: Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah jessica Parker (now ~ above HBO’s Divorce), walks approximately Manhattan und gets splashed by a bus bearing an ad zum her own noered.orgspaper column. The opening was filmed in March 1998 on fifth Avenue close to Manhattan’s Plaza hotel; the pilot premiered in June.

Star: the series was always around four women, but die vioered.orger’s means into ns show zu sein through Carrie. It was important kommen sie establish this young, single woman who’s writing a column trying out sex and relationships and, in the process, learning around life. Und part of learning around life ist getting splashed by a bus. She has this momente of glory the ended really quickly.

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Sarah jessica Parker: I assumed it was a very clever way of doing die pie bei the face prior to anybody else could do it. I hadn’t to be Carrie Bradshaw for a lang time. If we had actually shot that a year later, ich would’ve understood exactly just how she walks. Yet that was part of figuring it out that day. Und the point of was strong enough that ich didn’t need as much information as ich might’ve needed weil das a scene. It’s a really tight sequence, however if freundin look at the amount des footage covered, it’s not a good amount des mileage.

Parker: Someone was throwing buckets von water weist me. Well, not buckets, however enough zum me to have to protect against it. Prop human being are always going out von their way zu make ns water warm, but there’s not a last they can typically do zu control it when you’re functioning on die street. If i was cold, ich survived. It’s dafür little zu ask von me.

Star hired costume designer Patricia Field zum the opening sequence. Ns two continued to work together weil das all sechs seasons, top top both film spin-offs, und on Star’s existing project, Younger, zum TV Land. Field found Carrie’s top tutu in a $5 morgen on a showroom floor und re-created 4 versions of it.

Patricia Field: It was very difficult weil das the producers kommen sie understand die tutu. Kauf es Jessica und I were fighting weil das it, and Darren said, “Okay, but ich want other outfits together possibilities.”

Star: I psychic thinking, “Wow, a tutu?” however Pat and Sarah jessica were very committed kommen sie it. I would speak it was one des many times where they’d have a wardrobe and I’d look punkt it und say, “I don’t obtain it, but go zum it!” us did one pass wherein Carrie’s bei a beautiful blue dress, yet she doesn’t gain splashed. Rather she trips wie she sees die ad.

Parker: I tripped a last that day! the was notfall a an intricate tutu, and we doubled ns tank oberteil because it was see-through and Pat didn’t desire me attract a bra. Ich remember ns shoes — they were leopard-print and strappy. I wore them throughout the erste season — we really request a goered.orgächs of that shoe. Ich wore makeup in the opening that ich didn’t wear an the show, und I don’t think she ever wore the hairstyle, either, deswegen it felt choose this sort of lifted point that existed on that own. The nodded zu a person but wasn’t reflective des everything we herstellung to be. But i just thought ns whole thing was right.

Field: I said Darren the if the nur was a hit, we’d require something fully original — notfall of that season or a certain time. In the end, ns tutu won.

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Star: It was such a brilliant choice because bei a way, Carrie’s tanzen through produziert life bei York.