And why did you give your share khổng lồ me?And why did you give your share khổng lồ me?So, if you assign your shares khổng lồ me, I can overpower her.As of yesterday, he is no longer a shareholder, having sold his shares to me.You either aren"t serious about selling your shares to lớn me Or you"ve got the worst representation in california.And did I mention she"s going to lớn leave her Empire shares to me? As soon as the ink is dry on you deal with Christopher... and you sign over your shares to me,So, if you assign your shares lớn me,Because I know you have no proof or actual evidence you"re willing to share with me to back up said promise.Luisa"s here khổng lồ formally assign her shares over to me.Simeon & Peter signed their shares over to me, all legal.You implied you had something to share with me about Regina.He created this beautiful fantasy world he wanted to share with me.Till you decided to share me with your buddies.I get it, they want to share with me.You might have to chia sẻ me with engineering for a while.At first he was reluctant to share with me his knowledge of unnatural longevity.He didn"t want to nội dung me with the general public.You don"t have to nội dung me now.A dream which I"ve invited you all to share with me.

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He created this beautiful fantasy world he wanted khổng lồ share with me.The extra money you earn, you can share with me.The keys... Which he didn"t want to share with me.I"m glad you share with me.Someone who will share with me the spiritual contract of life.Just share with me whatever there is khổng lồ share.I get it, they want to share with me.Or that Condé couldn"t share with me.At first he was reluctant to lớn share with me his knowledge of unnatural longevity.Perhaps you would share with me Mr Quint"s recent work.Tim Messenger.Splattered, before he could share with me, what he told Leslie Tiller that very afternoon.Anything You want to share with me?Because Andy seemed to think there was some information he was not able to share with me.Izz, you know, this is something that you might have wanted to lớn share with me.Because I know you have no proof or actual evidence you"re willing to share with me to lớn back up said promise.Doctor-patient confidentiality means that what you share with me stays with me.I was a little insulted when I found out you weren"t going to share with me.and many other persons who share with me these thoughts(Brian) You can share with me, Cash.


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share it lớn me or mô tả it with me? please cốt truyện with me or please chia sẻ to me? Sharing to lớn me or Sharing with me? handle me or handle with me? with me or for me? agree lớn me or agree with me?

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