Money heist recap, season 5, episode 9: pillow talk

We pick up where we left off: The Professor và the rest of the foundry crew absorbing the reality of being robbed. Once everyone’s had their zip ties clipped off, The Professor takes action, distributing Kevlar vests và guns and rolling out with the rest of the crew in pursuit of the trucks. Once they determine via GPS trackers that they’re parked at a nearby quarry, The Professor radios khổng lồ Lisbon and Palermo khổng lồ break the bad news. The trucks are, in fact, at the quarry … but they’re completely empty, which means the robbers unloaded 90 tons of gold in half an hour. Palermo realizes whom all the evidence points to. Still, The Professor won’t believe it. Sure, Tatiana was around during their plotting at the monastery, but she only knew the target, & Palermo locked up the plans every night. Palermo và Lisbon both have lớn remind The Professor that PEOPLE TALK IN BED. & when Berlin (apparently) talked, Tatiana was listening very carefully. In a shack at the quarry, The Professor finds a video feed of the tank entrances; as soon as Tatiana’s crew saw the trucks going in, they’d know it was only eight to lớn ten hours before they’d be moving back out, loaded. The Professor visualizes what they did by inspecting the tire tracks and can tell that they dropped the ingots into a couple of dump trucks and covered them in the sand to lớn hide them in plain sight.

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Tatiana and Rafael’s plan is, of course, despicable for being so parasitic, but the compulsive tidier in me might be most offended by the sight of all the carefully stacked gold bars left in such a haphazard mess.

The Professor finally decides everyone needs to lớn know the state of play và explains the situation to lớn the rest of the gang. Lisbon adds that the hostages & cops can’t find out they lost the gold or they’re toast. The Professor then asks everyone not to panic; they will get the gold back và extract the gang from the bank. Tokyo’s narration editorializes, “That was the first time The Professor said something nobody believed.” That can’t possibly be true of someone whose schemes are so grandiose, but emotions are high, & Tokyo is dead, so I guess I won’t try too hard to fact-check that one.

The next phase of the plan is for Marseille khổng lồ bring a small team to strike The Professor’s command post, burning papers & loading out hardware, & for Rio to gian lận traffic cameras looking for the dump trucks. They soon figure out that they’re actually watching a loop of old footage (the roads are wet, but it rained the day before — so that was a significant weather event, just not for the reason I expected); the tech know-how required for this also tips The Professor that Rafael is probably involved. The assumption is that if the robbers messed with the feed on this particular road, they used it, and since it’s a beltway, they’re not trying lớn get the gold anywhere; they must have buried it.

This guess is right. After the dump trucks have been emptied and the hole filled in, Rafael & Tatiana supervise not only parking a prefab house on vị trí cao nhất of it but staging it to lớn look like it’s been there forever …


… adding a flagstone walkway, grass, fence, flower beds, doghouse, DOG*, và even a built-in sprinkler system. Tatiana và Rafael drive off, cackling.

Meanwhile, at the bank, Arteche disables the last of the gang’s charges while we get a mini-flashback khổng lồ Sagasta’s plan; the surgeons admitted to lớn treat Vázquez are also soldiers so that they can participate in his covert mission. Tamayo sends his personnel to lớn hide in blind spots và wait for Arteche’s signal. There’s a slight delay when Palermo enters the library to manage Helsinki’s expectations for extraction. Palermo may doubt his ability lớn keep his promise khổng lồ get Helsinki out, but Helsinki doesn’t … which, unfortunately, is when Operation Trojan Horse kicks off. Vázquez fakes a seizure. The surgeons ask Palermo to free them from their zip ties to lớn treat what they say is a probable subdural hematoma. Then Arteche comes out of the ducts & drops onto Palermo’s back. Palermo screams at Helsinki to shoot Arteche và the surgeons, but Helsinki — apparently too upset by the thought of Arteche killing Palermo before Helsinki can kill her — surrenders. Arteche radios Tamayo that Sagasta is miễn phí and in charge, & Tamayo’s guys blow the loading bay & lobby doors, along with the large windows above the main entrance. Gang members get captured one and two at a time (Rio gets shot in the shoulder during his apprehension); everyone ends up in a circle in the lobby; & Sagasta reports that the gang has fallen with no casualties either side. There’s an earlier flashback to lớn a night during the planning phase when everyone but The Professor and Nairobi was outside drinking, & The Professor came out lớn yell at them for not having the temperament lớn stay focused during high stress; Tokyo’s voice-over tells us the gang lost focus on this day because they were in despair over losing the gold and their faith in their leader. That’s a reason Palermo turned his back on Sagasta và the hostages, but it sure isn’t an excuse!

Anyway, Tamayo puffs himself up to enter the bank, take Lisbon’s radio, and gloat to The Professor, who doesn’t believe it until Lisbon confirms that they’re all alive, but on their knees. The Professor tells Tamayo he promised himself that he’d go down with them if the gang went down. As a gentleman, will Tamayo accept his surrender so that The Professor can walk out in cuffs with his comrades? I’m not sure whether it’s Tamayo’s nobility so much as the number of witnesses that causes Tamayo khổng lồ agree, but he does, ordering the hostages kept in the library for now. On the road, Sierra demands khổng lồ know whether The Professor is trying to lớn be a hero or a martyr. Neither. They still have a chance if he joins the gang, but he needs Sierra lớn take the rest of his foundry crew và find the gold. As she laughs bitterly at the notion, he reminds her that he was the most wanted man on earth, but only she found him, in a matter of hours, while nine months pregnant. I think they have to write her extremely recent labor into the dialogue because you would NEVER KNOW it had happened mere hours earlier if you looked at her COMPLETELY FLAT STOMACH.**



… but The Professor pulls her into a hug instead — her first since her husband died, she says, and her first real smile, besides. He also has one more favor khổng lồ ask her, but just make a mental note; we don’t know yet what it is. Given his obligations, she better hope he’s not going khổng lồ try lớn borrow some money.

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Then The Professor has to commandeer a vehicle to return to Madrid. Fortunately, the driver is a fan; even more fortunately, the car — a beautifully preserved red Beetle — really pops when The Professor drives it through a throng of red-clad supporters.


Tamayo, the governor, and a few other đứng top cops enter the vault và reel at the confirmation that Spain’s whole gold reserve is gone. Since the economy will collapse once it’s public that Spain no longer has any collateral, Tamayo orders one of his men lớn fire intermittent bursts of gunfire upstairs to lớn make it look lượt thích the gang is still holding the bank.

I’m not sure how long they’ll be able khổng lồ maintain this illusion now that The Professor has arrived? As he slowly approaches the bank, we hear what Tokyo told him at the over of that night he yelled at them all: that the gang trusts him implicitly. “You’ll have an ace up your sleeve. You’ll vày a magic trick. That’s why we go back into the lion’s den. Even if they point tons of guns at us. Because we believe in you. Lượt thích a mantra. You’re our faith. We have faith that, if all else fails, we’ll still have you. No matter how bad things get, even if they’ve beaten us, even if it looks like there’s no hope, lượt thích we’re almost dead, we’ll still believe. We know we’ll always have The Professor.”

We won’t, because the next episode is THE SERIES FINALE. Come back khổng lồ find out how many aces The Professor still has up his sleeve.

The Spoils

• We rejoin Denver và Stockholm post-coitally as he confirms that he wants to lớn stay with her. I’m straining khổng lồ care about their relationship after that striptease baloney last time, but that’s where they kết thúc up … before they get captured with everyone else, that is.

• *We better see evidence that one member of this crew has been assigned khổng lồ move into the house, or I am going to lớn be way too worried about Elvis, the dog.

• **Sierra’s isn’t the episode’s only miraculous physical recovery. As The Professor processes into the bank, we get a shot of his left shoe lớn remind us that it’s still split, but apparently the way it split is no longer an issue because he’s not limping even one tiny bit.