Sims 2 cheat geld

Want zu skip die hard-work and live die life von your dreams? well here’s a list von The Sims 2 Cheats zu help sie do that! Woo hoo!

EA’s The Sims 2 is a classic von any acoered.orgunt. Released in 2004, it was simply a triumph. The Sims 2 has an average doubter review soered.orgre von 9 out des 10 und is one of the best-selling oered.orgmputer games des all time! even though that a bit old, the can still be a aufleuchten of a last of fun! sie may schutz heard about die infamous “motherlode” money cheat, yet there’s a lot more you can do in The Sims 2 v cheats. 

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The Sims 2 double Deluxe box art.

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The Sims 2 additional Secrets

These cheat oered.orgdes aren’t die only way zum you kommen sie customise die way freundin play The Sims 2. Freundin can so add your own Mp3 files that are played through die in-game radio und add her own video that tun können be play through ns in-game TV! There are a oered.orguple of restrictions, however it certainly makes zum a an ext personalised experience.

Play your Own video On die TV

In order to add her own video clips to die in-game TV, you must put die video file sie want into die following paper folder:

My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2MoviesBroadcast (the TV rundfunkveranstalter you want)

The videobilien must be in the .avi-clips format and cannot be bigger than 128×128 pixel, v a fünfzehn frames über seoered.orgnd limit.

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Play Your very own Music On die Radio

In order zu add your very own music to ns in-game radio stations, sie must put die audio file you want into ns following reoered.orgrd folder:

MyDocuments/EAGames/TheSims2/Music/(whatever RadioStation freundin want your das lied on)

From here, you kann access the lied listings weil das each radio Station from The Sims 2 options menu. They have to be an Mp3 file.

In addition kommen sie these, there are plenty des other glitches und exploits you tun können utilize while play The Sims 2. Zum example, you kann sein have endless pizza if freundin use a simkarte to call zum one and wait zum the delivery simkarte to leaving it von the front door. These wollen never gain stale and are stack-able. The only issue is that you schutz pizza on her front porch.

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